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What are the Best Materials to Use When Building a Seawall?

Green Underwater Dock Lights: Why the Color Green?

When to Replace Or Repair Your Boat Lift

Boat Lifts: Benefits, Parts, Operation and More

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3 Primary Considerations for New Dock Owners

Golden Boat Lifts: How Big of a Boat Can a Lift Support?

Duncan Seawall’s Commercial Capabilities and Commitment

Troubleshooting and Overriding a Boat Lift's GEM REMOTES System

Duncan Seawall Offers Full-Service Marine Construction with Electrical Expertise

7 Benefits of Building a Vinyl Seawall

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Retaining Seawalls

The Benefits of Storing Your Boat on a Boat Lift

Golden Boat Lifts; A Type to Fit Every Boat Owner’s Need

Guide To When to Repair or Replace Your Dock

It's Important to be Sea Turtle-Friendly with Waterfront Lighting

Do You Know the Difference Between Breakwater and a Seawall?

Prepare Your Seawall, Dock, and Boat Lift For Severe Weather

The Effects of Heavy Rains on Florida Docks

How To Prevent Barnacle Build Up

Don't Ignore the Signs of Seawall Erosion

What are My Boat Lift Options for Shallow Water

Golden Boat Lifts: Top 10 Maintenance Tips

A Duncan Seawall Process to Reinforce a Failing Seawall

9 Ways to be Ready in Case of a Hurricane in Southwest Florida

Dock or Boat Lift Project: Duncan's Process from Start to End

Benefits of a Hands-On Design Process with Dock and Boat Lift Projects

Duncan Seawall: Your Marine Contractor with Licensed Electricians

How to Prepare Your Boat in Case of a Hurricane in Sarasota, Florida

4 Things You Should Consider When Buying Waterfront Property in Florida

The Average Residential Hurricane Impact Cost and How You Can Avoid it

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Waterfront Property

Category X? What Is the Difference Between Hurricane Categories?

Seawall Replacement: The Professionals, The Process and The Project Completion

Everything You Need to Know About Seawall Manufacturing

Hurricane Season is Here: How to Prepare in Sarasota, Florida

City-Run, Seawall Replacements after Severe Storms

How to Repair Golf Course Seawalls

Boating In, Around and From the Waters of Sarasota

Top Waterfront Parks in Sarasota: The Ultimate Places to go for Beauty and Tranquility

Fishing, Gazing and Strolling from the Southwest Florida Piers

Boat Lift Carpet: When and How to Replace

7 Incredible Waterfront Communities in Southwest Florida

Enjoying Your Boat Lift Requires Motor Maintenance

3 Tips for Renting Out a Boat Slip in Southwest Florida

Guide to Choosing the Best Marina for Your Boat

A Guide to Boat Dock Materials

3 Considerations to Make When Choosing a Boat Lift

Three Ways to Prevent Corrosion from Damaging Your Concrete Seawall

5 of the Top Southwest Florida Marinas to Visit this Year

Docking at Low Tide, High Tide or In-Between

Is it More Cost Effective to Repair or Replace Your Current Seawall?

Fiberglass Pilings: A Green Solution

What to Know about Natural Wood and Composite Decking Materials

Concrete Seawalls vs. Vinyl Seawalls for Your Florida Home

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Marine Electrician

How to Handle Your Boat in High Traffic Waterways and Small Inlets

Sarasota's Boat Friendly Restaurants and Bars

How Can I Maintain My Boat Lift? [video]

Cleaning Tips to Preserve the Structural Integrity of Your Seawall

What is a Dry Dock and How Are They Used?

The Top 10 Most Popular Dock Accessories

How Red Tide Affects Your Waterfront Property

Considerations to Make When Choosing the Right Boat Canopy

What Type of Custom Dock is Best For You?

How to Prepare Your Home Before a Hurricane

Golden Boat Lifts: 10 Boat Lift Accessories You Should Know About

How to Safely Tie a Boat to a Dock

Marine Contractor Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season in Florida

A Guide to Boat Dock Materials

A Guide to Seawall Repairs

5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Dock in the South Florida Summer Heat

Learn How to Dock With Spring Lines

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in Florida

Rebuilding Your Deck or Dock: Things to Consider

Boating Tips: Best Ways to Secure Your Boat to Your Dock

Docking a Boat on a Lift: Tips

3 Essential Boat Safety Devices Required by Florida Law

How to Prevent Dangerous Seafront Erosion

Azek and Trex Composite Decking: Comparing the Two Leading Brands

The Uncertainty of Vinyl Seawalls: How Long Will a Vinyl Seawall Last?

Vinyl Seawall Panels: When and Where To Use Them

3 Factors That Affect the Boat Lift you Need in Florida

Seawalls: Protect Your Waterfront Property From Costly Damages

Duncan Seawall: Premier Marine Electrical Services

5 Ways to Improve Your Dock's Appearance & Safety

Protect Your Boat Value With a Boat Lift [Video]

Commercial Marine Construction Options on the Gulf Coast of Florida [VIDEO]

4 Reasons Seawalls Fail and How to Prevent it

Minimize Plastic Shrinkage Cracks Using Kurez Curing Compound on Your Concrete Seawall [Video]

Get A Grip! Best Non-Slip Materials for Your Fishing Dock

Best Materials and Brands for Your Florida Dock Project

5 Reasons to Choose a Seawall Over Rock Revetment

When is a Composite Seawall Panel the Best Fit for Your Needs?

Save Your Pilings From Marine Borers With PVC Wrapping

Visit Our Marine Design Center

6 Tips To Help Keep Your Boat Dock In Optimal Condition

The Importance of Cleaning Your Boat After a Day on the Water

7 Must Have Golden Boat Lift Accessories

5 Reasons Why Underwater Fishing Lights Help You Catch More Fish

5 Steps You Can Take to Help Make Your Boat Motor Last Longer

How Underwater Lighting Can Make Fishing off Your Dock More Fun

Golden Boat Lifts: How do "Sea-Drive" and Flat Plate Drive Differ

Tips for Tying Your Boat to a Dock

How Often Should Commercial Seawalls be Replaced to Ensure Safety?

Is it Time to Get a New Dock?

Top 4 Boat Cleaning Supplies

Find the Perfect Decking in Every Price Range

What is the Best Deck Brand for my Needs?

The Benefits of Having a Private Dock for Your Boat on Your Property

The Best Cleaning Processes for Different Boat Dock Types

Why You Should Work with a TrexPro Platinum Dealer

7 Tips When Boating in Venice, FL

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Predictions

What are the Different Types of Decking Material Used for a Dock?

What is the Purpose of a Vinyl Seawall?

Duncan Named #1 Golden Boat Lift Dealer & Installer in the World

Why You Should Work with Duncan Seawall to Repair or Replace Your Seawall

How to Know if it’s Time to Replace Your Steel Seawall

5 Commercial Marine Construction FAQs

The Perks of Composite Decking

3 Great Reasons to Buy a Boat if You Live in Sarasota

How to Prevent Your Boat From Rusting

What are my Construction Options When Building a Dock in Sarasota, Florida?

Why do I Need to Install a New Seawall?

What are Your Custom Dock Lighting Solutions in Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota County Success Stories: Commercial Marine Construction Projects

Successful Commercial Marine Construction Projects in Manatee County

Should I Repair or Replace my Decking?

3 Restaurants to Visit the Next Time You’re Boating in Sarasota, Florida

What is the Required Deck Maintenance for Different Deck Types?

How a New Seawall Can Increase the Value of Your Home

When to Install a Floating Dock at Your Florida, Waterfront Home

Top 4 Upgrades to Make to Your Dock

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Commercial Seawall in Florida?

What is the Process for a Commercial Dredging Project in Florida?

Duncan Seawall Dock & Boat Lift Commercial Clients

Is 220 a Better Option Than 110 for Boat Lifts?

Which Docklines Should You Get for Your Boat?

5 Most Common Repairs and Services for Docks

Seawall Installation Success Story in Bradenton Florida

What is a Spring Line and How do I Use One?

Kayaking in Southwest Florida

Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift Sarasota-Bradenton Testimonials

Commercial Marine Construction Project in Sarasota, Florida

Boat Lift Maintenance Sarasota

Golden Boat Lifts: “Sea-Drive” vs. Flat Plate Drive

Maintain Your Boat Lift: Boat Lift Bunk Replacement

Golden Boat Lifts for All of Your Water Sport Activities: Boats, Jet Skis and Kayaks

What Lift is the Best Option for Your Boat: 4 Post or 8 Post

When is an Elevator Boat Lift the Best Option

Hurricane Season Update: Predictions for the Rest of 2016

Trex Decking at Duncan Seawall for Your Dock Construction Project

The Area's Largest Dock Builders: Duncan Seawall in Sarasota, Florida

All Things Docks for Your Sarasota Project: Construction, Lifts, Lights, and More

Boat Lift, Dock, Seawall and Marine Construction Showroom in Sarasota

Build the Custom Dock of your Dreams on the West Coast of Florida: Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte County

Dock Lighting Projects in Tampa, Sarasota and Venice

Five Common Frequently Asked Questions About Your New Marine Dock

8 Places You Should Take Your Grandkids with Your Boat in Sarasota This Summer

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Predictions and Forecasts for 2016

5 Tips to Enjoy Your Boat With Your Grandkids This Summer

Summer is Here: Safety Tips for Grandparents with Waterfront Homes

How to Prepare Your Florida Waterfront Home for Hurricanes and Severe Weather

Duncan Seawall, Dock and Boat Lift Reviews: Sarasota Marine Contractor

Why Your Marine Contractor Should Have an In­-House Electrician

Four FAQs About Your Marine Electrical Project

Why We Built a Dock and Boat Lift Marine Construction Design Center

What Should You Expect From a Marine Contractor Proposal?

Four Commonly Asked Questions About Your New Seawall in Sarasota

Ten Great Aerial Shots of Docks and Boat Lifts in Sarasota

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Watercraft (PWC) Lifts

Why Duncan Has Been Florida’s Largest Residential Marine Contractor Since 1979

Custom Wood Docks in Bradenton

Trex Decks: 5 Reasons to Avoid Wood in Florida

Trex Decks: Why a Trex Composite Marine Deck is a Green Deck

Golden Boat Lifts: Why Golden Boat Lift Drives are Best

Trex Decks: Florida Deck Rebuilding vs Resurfacing

Trex Decks: 9 Key FAQs When Building a Trex Deck

Why Work With Duncan Seawall to Install Your New Seawall?

Marine Contractor Testimonials in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida

Duncan Seawall is the #1 Dealer for Golden Boat Lifts, the #1 Boat Lift Manufacturer in the World

Latest Trends in Marine Construction For 2016

How to Choose the Best Materials for Your Dock Project in Venice, FL

Why Boardwalks Are An Important Part of A Marine Construction Project

8 Boat Safety Tips to Keep Your Dock And Boat In Pristine Condition

Dock and Electrical DesignTips For Your Venice, Fl Waterfront Property

Boat Lift Design Ideas For Your Waterfront Home in Venice, FL

Marine Construction Project Gallery in Venice, Florida

Composite, the New Standard for Decking

Rock Revetment in Florida: Everything You Need to Know

What Sets a Golden Boat Lift Apart From the Rest?

How to Keep Your Boat Safe at Night and While You're Away

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