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Duncan Seawall Offers Full-Service Marine Construction with Electrical Expertise

by Duncan Seawall

Full-service marine construction with electrical expertise. dock and boat lift on Florida gulf coatAs everyone should know, water and electric do not mix, and there is always a risk when working with these two elements. The obvious is to avoid electrocution. Without the knowledge of safety codes, improper installation can result in an electrical system failure and possibly sparking a fire. 


It's always smart to let a professional and state-certified electrician handle marine, electrical construction.


A Full-Service Marine Construction Solution




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Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC: Full-Service Marine Contractor


Since our company's inception in 1979, we had one goal in mind, and that was to become a full-service, marine contractor for our commercial and residential neighbors in Southwest Florida. Over ten years ago, we took our final step, in offering a full-service solution, when we began providing electrical services. We maintain state-certified licenses that give our clients a one-company solution to every marine construction need.

  • State-Certified General Contractor 
  • State-Certified Marine Contractor
  • State-Certified Electrical Contractor


Key Benefits of Partnering with the Duncan Team


We believe we deliver the quality that marine construction requires by coordinating and overseeing a project's entire process. Our full-service company delivers the benefits that deliver exceptional results. By becoming a Duncan Seawall client, you have the assurance of our electrical expertise.

  • Clients get a single point of contact from a project's inception to its completion.
  • Without the need for coordination of multiple contractors, we offer a smooth and continuous project, from beginning to end. 
  • Clients have one point of contact for the life of the project. We have the staffing to take of our clients.


Our Expert Electrical Capabilities for Marine Lighting Projects


If it involves our coastal or lakefront waters in Southwest Florida, we want to be the contractor for the quality needed whenever working with electrical components in a marine setting. We have the capability to construct exceptional waterfront experiences


Accent and Turtle-Safe Lighting

There is nothing more beautiful and calming than waterfront property lit up with subtle lighting. For so many of us in Florida, we know how important it is for our sea turtles to make their trek onto land to lay their eggs. We have all types of turtle-friendly lighting solutions.


Underwater Lighting

There is a reason for using green underwater lights. Not only does it beautify docks at night, but it's also exciting to see all the marine life in action.


Dock Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting along docks also offers elements of beauty and safety. We have a variety of choices when it comes to dock lighting options.


Electricity for Boat Lifts

We are well-versed in boat lifts and the electronics that go along with them. 


Convenience Outlets

To have electricity around your dock and waterfront, electrical outlets are a necessity. Let the experts handle all the wiring and positioning for the safest use. 


Full-Service Pedestals for Marina Docks

Again, working around water requires expert installation to meet required codes for safety. There is a lot to consider for the safety of anyone working around marina docks, not to mention the boaters that will be using these pedestals for electricity.


Duncan Team Projects Showcase our Electrical Expertise


We have many full-service projects that we have done since we obtained our electrical contracting license. Here are some of the projects that we believe showcase our commercial, electrical capabilities 

  • Bradenton Beach Pier
  • Bird Key Yacht Club
  • The Field Club
  • Residential Customers


The Duncan Team is Here for Every Marine Construction Project


When you're considering a marine contractor, Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC offers the in-house electrical services to give you one company for the entire project process.

We welcome you to come in to see our operation or call for one of the field staff to meet you on-site for more information. Remember, no project is too big or too small, and it's always an honor to have an opportunity to be your full-service marine contractor, from start to finish.


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