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City-Run, Seawall Replacements after Severe Storms

by Scott Myers


Seawalls fail for different reasons. The devastating hurricanes that hit Florida can cause severe seawall damages that require seawall replacement. In times when seawall failures are affecting many properties, a city's emergency repair operation may be involved. It takes time for the assessment of damages, organization and prioritization of repairs, and the communication of the timeline of repair dates and locations.

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Property Owners - What to Expect

For anyone in a city-run, seawall replacement project, the following information should help you understand what to expect. Every jurisdiction may handle the process a bit different. Always ask to make sure you are ready for your start date.

Notification Letter

  • Should arrive about 30 days before work commences.

  • Start date should be included.

  • Property owner responsibilities will be listed. 

Property Owner Responsibilities Before Start Date

  • It is recommended that you meet with the contractor with any questions or conflicts.

    • Confirm dock and boat lift can be left intact.

  • Prepare your property before the start date. 

    • Remove any items adjacent to the seawall that are within 12 feet of the seawall you do not want to be damaged, such as landscaping, lampposts, flagpoles, etc.

  • Make arrangement to move any water vessels away from the work area. 

    • There may be programs set up to assist boat owners in finding a place to dock their boats.

  • Remove everything off the dock. 

Special Note: Any underground irrigation and wires located in the perimeter of the project will be identified and capped off. It is the property owner's responsibility to handle the reconnection of these lines and wires after seawall completion.  

Seawall Replacement Process

There can never be an exact time for completion, so it is always better to be patient with the process. No matter the time, you want the best seawall constructed.

City-Run Project and Expected Start Date

For city-run, seawall replacement projects, you should be able to see the approximate date for your property's project to commence. Any questions for a city-run project, call your Public Works Department.  

Expected Time for Completion

You can expect at least a 4-week process from start to completion, but that is an average. Depending on the linear footage of the seawall, timing is not the same for every property owner. Environmental factors will also play a part in the length of time it may take.

Other Causes of Seawall Damage

Seawalls can fail. Usually, there is an underlying reason such as anchor rod deterioration, seawall cap failure, loss of berm in front of the seawall, and poor maintenance. Understanding these main reasons and what to look for can help save you money and time. If you have not maintained your seawall, your seawall may have red flags of severe damage that can lead to costly property damage. Any cracking, bowing, or erosion that can be seen are warning signs.

Experience in Seawall Inspections

If you inherited a seawall with the purchase of your waterfront property, or it has been years since you have had your seawall professionally inspected, depend on our team for expert inspection. Seawalls require inspection and maintenance to avoid major seawall failures.

Our Experience, Knowledge and Skill Prevent Seawall Failures

If you are looking to replace or initially install a seawall, we have years of experience and knowledge that you need to construct the most dependable seawall. Learn more about the materials we use, and how we have the knowledge to construct you with a seawall that will protect your property and your home.

Along with the materials we use, we offer reliable services to maintain your seawall. Catching problems before they become destructible to your seawall is vital in preserving your investment.

Whatever Your Seawall Questions, We Have the Answers

The team at Duncan Seawall, Dock and Boat Lift, LLC welcomes your questions. We know the investment that comes with constructing a seawall, and we are here to deliver the highest-quality seawalls to our Florida customers.

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