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5 Important Things to Consider When Building a Custom Boat Dock

by Duncan Seawall

No waterfront property is complete without a great dock. Apart from increasing the property's value, a well-built boat dock provides an excellent place to tie up your boats and entertain your guests. It also offers an ideal spot to sunbathe and enjoy unbeatable views of nature around you.


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Like everything else around us, not all docks are created equal. If you need a boat dock built to meet your specific needs, consider going for a custom dock. However, before building a custom boat dock, here are a few things to consider.

1. The Type of Material

The general rule is to choose high-quality and durable materials to build your dock. Typically, pressure-treated wood is one of the most popular options today. However, you can also experiment with other materials that could offer more benefits. These included:

  • HDPE: HDPE is a favorite among dock builders. They are durable and easy to work with since they don't require any special tools. HDPE doesn't absorb water or liquid, meaning they are rot-resistant. This material is best used for the understructure and the actual dock plank. 
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a lightweight and long-lasting option for dock building. Its durability and strength are some of the reasons why aluminum is favorite among dock builders.
  • Wood: Wood can be an affordable option if you are on a budget. Wood is aesthetically pleasing and easy to work with. However, it requires a lot of maintenance, including annual painting, staining, and replacing rotted or warped wood planks. 

2. The Design and Shape 

The shape of the boat dock matters. For your custom dock, choose a stylish modern shape that increases aesthetical appeal while adding more access points for your watercraft. It is advisable to work with professionals to choose the best designs that are compatible with your property. 

3. How Much It Costs

Generally, customized docks come with an upcharge. Adding special designs, features, high-quality materials, and specialized labor can add extra costs. Generally, the average cost of constructing a deck is approximately $50-$75 per sq ft, with most homeowners spending anywhere from $4,380 to $10,500 on the project. You have to decide whether the custom features you seek are worth the price.

4. Adding Special Features

The features of a custom dock are diverse depending on the specific needs of the user. Conduct thorough research on available features to ensure you are getting value for money. Choose your features based on purpose, climate, weather, and future use. You should also determine whether the features you seek are suitable for your property, the primary purpose of the dock, or the type of dock (fixed or floating). Some of the must-have features of a custom dock include:

  • Custom lighting
  • Custom seating
  • Covers
  • Platforms

5. Hiring a Professional

Building a custom dock is almost always complex, so the best way to maximize your investment's value is to hire a professional. Although it may be costly upfront, using the services of a professional guarantee peace of mind knowing your custom deck is secure, safe, and properly built.

Custom-built boat dock offers more benefits to enable you to get the most out of your water access. If you want to invest in a boat dock, the professionals at Duncan Seawall are ready to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 


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