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Top Best Florida Springs to Visit by Boat

by Scott Myers

Florida freshwater springs are the best bet for anyone looking for a reprieve from the scorching summer heat. Getting to these springs via boat adds a chill thrill to the experience. Here are our top picks for Florida Springs you can visit by boat.


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Dunnellon Rainbow River

Explore the rainbow river and marvel at the countless wildlife available on display at Dunnellon Rainbow River. Anchor your boat along the Juniper Run Creek or in the sandy areas of the spring head.

Kick-off your boat ride from KP Hole or the city's public ramp. Remember to check out the butterfly garden and waterfalls before heading back home. Enjoy the scenery as you row through the calm waters. The smooth, slow current of the Rainbow River will help you ease through the river as you enjoy the area's natural surroundings. 

Three Sisters

Access the fun Crystal River through a narrow passage close to the waterfront neighborhood. The beautiful hardwood hammock creates a serene environment around this beautiful spring. Spend some time at the Three Sisters Springs Refuge to view the rich wildlife collection available. 

Once you get to this location, you could either paddle in or anchor your boat and swim. This spring maintains a temperature of 72°F all year round, making it a refreshing antidote to hot summer days. The quiet and serene environment offers much-needed rest from city life.

Fanning Springs (Suwannee River)

A short idle off the iconic Suwanee River will get you to the Fanning Springs. Secure your boat on the floating dock before taking in the beautiful scenery at the park and the swimming area. If you are in Suwanee, spare some time to cool off and feel refreshed with crystal-clear water. 

You could also swim in the see-through calm waters this spring. Consider bringing your family to explore Fort Tanning or enjoy some bird-watching activity or enjoy your homemade meals under the live oaks in the area.

Silver Glen Run

Enjoy a beautiful and fun boat ride as you make your way to the Silver Glen Run from Astor town. Experience surreal moments while transitioning from the blackish St. John's River's water to the spring's crystal-clear water. 

Anchor in the interior section of the run where there's waist-deep water and lots of sandy bottoms. Swim to shore or wad to access the mainspring head. You can also rent one of the available houseboats and enjoy a memorable experience in this spring. 

Ginnie Springs

Do you want to enjoy the perfect lazy river day trip? Visit the gorgeous, natural Ginnie Springs. Marvel at the crystal clear blue waters as you make your way through this amazing spring. Take a dip and explore these seven springs that guarantee a memorable experience.

Ginnie Springs Florida

Bring your snorkeling gear to take your adventure a notch higher. Once the river clears, you can catch glimpses of catfish, turtles, bass, and large gar under the water. Alternatively, you could choose to spend time floating down the river as you take in the beautiful scenery. 

Juniper Springs

Explore the oldest recreational area on the East Coast when you make your way to Juniper Springs. Hundreds of tiny, bubbling springs create a sight to behold as you row through the clear waters. Journey through the narrow, winding waterway that makes up Juniper Run.

The surrounding old-growth forest creates a perfect cover for your water escapades through this spring. Juniper Springs' dense, jungle-like forest is home to wildlife you won't easily find elsewhere. Look out for the albino gray squirrels near the Mill House, the American eels, and the otters that spend most of their time along the edges of the spring run.


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