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3 Ways To Enhance Vacation Properties With Marine Construction

by Duncan Seawall

Owning a waterfront property comes with a unique opportunity, especially if you're in the vacation rental business. In Florida, where vacation properties are abundant, standing out is key. Whether it's providing guests with easy access to prime fishing spots or boasting a luxurious chef's kitchen, the right features and amenities make a significant difference.


Marine construction offers a creative and effective way to add character and functionality to your vacation property. By focusing on the waterfront aspect, you can explore a variety of marine construction upgrades that not only enhance your property's appeal but also offer tangible benefits to you and your guests. Discover how these upgrades can transform your property into a sought-after vacation spot, ensuring it stays booked throughout the season.


1. Covered Docks

Florida is widely known as the Sunshine State because of its abundance of sunny days. Adding a covered dock to your property can be a significant upgrade. It not only extends over the water, offering breathtaking views but also provides much-needed shade to guests, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors for longer periods. You can furnish it with comfortable furniture, outdoor cooking facilities, a sound system, or even a television, making it the ultimate outdoor entertainment space. By collaborating with a marine construction company, you can customize this space to suit your specific needs, creating a unique and appealing feature for your vacation rental property.

2. Walkover Decks

Chances are, guests at your rental property will want to enjoy the water during their stay, especially if your home is built just steps away from the beach. However, you could be opening yourself up to liability if guests encounter any native Florida wildlife or sharp rocks on the way from the vacation home to the water.


Walkover decks are a safe, secure way for guests to get from your property to the water without navigating through sand, rocks, or tall grass. Walkover decks can be installed on almost any terrain since most feature a straight design that utilizes durable composite material. Another benefit to walkover decks? You can use them to take incredible pictures of your vacation rental, attracting even more guests and highlighting your property's appeal in online listings.

3. Install a Boat Lift

One of the great draws of Florida rental properties is the ability to spend a day on the water in a boat. Boating is big business in Florida, with the state reporting the most recreational boat registrations of any other state. Florida rental properties are known for offering the opportunity to spend a day on the water in a boat. Boating is a popular activity in Florida and the state has the most recreational boat registrations in the country. If you have a vacation rental property that provides opportunities for boating, it is a wise investment to have a boat lift installed. Boat lifts are designed to keep your boat out of the water, protecting it from the elements.

To install a boat lift, you can choose to have it on the side of a dock, with the size and style of the lift depending on the boat you plan to provide. Alternatively, if you own a boat but do not want to offer it to guests, you can use the boat lift to keep your boat out of the water while renters enjoy the property.

Whether you're new to vacation rentals or are an experienced property owner, marine construction can give your home the unique edge it needs to become a true hotspot. From boat lifts to custom docks, consider what upgrade will help your property shine. For premium marine construction services, Duncan Seawall is here to serve. We are Southwest Florida's largest marine contractor, with the experience and expertise you need to handle any project effectively. Contact Duncan Seawall to learn more about our services!


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