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4 Things You Should Consider When Buying Waterfront Property in Florida

by Duncan Seawall

You've always dreamed of living on the water and can't wait seawall and waterfront property in floridafor peaceful mornings watching the sunrise over the water and quiet evenings as the sinks into the ocean. Now you're ready to start looking for your very own waterfront property in Florida. What are the most important things to take into consideration when buying waterfront property? Let's take a look at 4 things that shouldn't be overlooked before you make the big purchase.


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Keep in Mind You are Buying the Property, Not Just the House

Typically, when buyers look at properties, the home is the priority. If you fall in love with the home, you make do with the property. This is not the case when it comes to buying waterfront property. More often than not, you are buying a waterfront property for more than just the home. Make sure the property has the stunning ocean view you are looking for. If you are interested in any type of water activities, make sure the water is easily accessible and permits the type of activities you want to take part in.


The thing to keep in mind is there are some things you will not be able to change about the property including the view, quality of swimming water, or type of activities permitted. You need to be happy with the permanent features of your waterfront property right from the beginning. 



What Kind of Improvements are Allowed to the Property?

In many cases, regulations as to what you can and cannot build or improve upon on waterfront property are stricter than those for landlocked properties. If you are interested in any type of improvements, such as a remodel or addition to the home, docks, boathouses or anything else, you need to make sure these changes will be allowed now and in the future. 


Homes and Buildings Constructed to Withstand Saltwater and Storms

Waterfront property homes must be able to withstand harsher environmental elements than homes which are not on the water. During the home inspection, make sure the home is properly built to withstand the harsh effects of saltwater. Salt is actually left in the air when water evaporates, so homes on the ocean are at a greater risk for rust and corrosion. 


A couple of things to keep in mind are storm shutters in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane and ensuring that any metal on the exterior is made of stainless steel or a material that is rust and corrosion resistant. A home built on a taller foundation is also advantageous in the event of a flood.


Have the Seawall Inspected

One of the most important components of any waterfront property is the seawall. Seawalls are the first line of defense between the ocean and your piece of property. Without a seawall, the piece of property is subject to the constant beating of the ocean water against the edge of the land. Over time this causes erosion and eventual loss of land. If you are looking at a piece of property without a seawall, keep in mind that one will need to be put in place quickly after purchase to prevent further erosion.


If the property does have a seawall in place, be sure before purchasing the property that you have the seawall inspected for any defects or breaches. A seawall in need of immediate repair can be an unexpected expense to an unsuspecting buyer.


The team at Duncan Seawall are experts in seawall installation and repair. Their knowledgeable experts can assess your seawall and advise as to whether a repair or a replacement is the best option for your situation. They even offer the revolutionary DSMS system, which allows repair of otherwise irreparable seawalls with minimal damage and disruption to the property itself. Contact us today for all of your seawall needs!

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