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#9 Must-Have Electrical Accessories for Your Dock and Boat Lift in Florida

by Duncan Seawall

Renowned for its aquatic leisure and coastal living, enhancing and maintaining your dock and boat lift in Florida is crucial. But it doesn't have to take away from your waterfront relaxation time.


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If you're eager to innovate your dock and boat lift, here are 9 must-have accessories to speak to your custom dock builder about:




1. Power Pedestal

Charge your phone while you're fishing, save on electricity with a smart outlet, and experience the luxury of your indoor electronics while relaxing by the water. This water-resistant dock accessory isn't just for convenience and luxury, but also for improving marine electrical safety.


Look for power pedestals that offer:

  • Waterproof outlets and covers to keep your connections safe from splashes and submersion.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) are crucial safety features designed to protect against electrical shock in wet locations.

Next time you speak to your custom dock builder in Florida, tell them you want to include the latest dock post technology as part of your marine electrical installation.




2. Security Lights and Cameras

Ensure your boat and dock are safe and secure in the evenings and while you're away! Security lights automatically switch on when they sense movement, scaring off any intruders or providing extra lighting when you don't have a flashlight. While traditional lights serve their purpose, there are newer options that go above and beyond in terms of functionality:

  • Faux security lights can work as a deterrent, creating the impression of an occupied home even when you're away.
  • Real security lights, equipped with cameras and motion sensors, provide round-the-clock surveillance, accessible right from your smartphone.
  • Smart security lights not only brighten your dock but can be integrated into your home security system, complete with programmable actions and mobile alerts. (Smart security lights are especially new, so they're the perfect personalized marine electrical technology to request from your custom dock builder).

With these options, you won't just be lighting your way but also increasing the safety of your property.




3. Underwater Lights

Adding a touch of aesthetic and functionality to your dock, underwater lights serve many purposes:

  • Aesthetic Design: Illuminate the water around your dock with a mesmerizing glow that enhances your waterfront property’s overall charm.
  • Visually Pleasing: The rippling effect of light beneath the dock's surface can be truly captivating, creating a serene and harmonious environment.
  • Fishing: Attract fish and make night fishing a favorite pastime.
  • Marine Life at Night: Witness the marine world from the comfort of your dock, as underwater lights often attract a variety of aquatic life after the sun sets.

When done right, underwater lights transform your dock from a functional space to a place of beauty and wonder.




4. Underneath Dock Lights

Similar to underwater lights, underneath dock lights are installed on the underside of your dock to illuminate the surrounding area and your dock's edges.


These lights serve to:

  • Continue the Visual Flow: By lighting not just the water but the structural elements of your dock.
  • Enhance Your Evening Waterfront Aesthetic: These lights add an air of sophistication to your dock that will draw you and your guests to the waterfront after watching the sunset.
  • Nighttime Safety: A well-lit dock is a safe dock. By illuminating the boundaries of your walkway, you reduce the risk of trips and falls in the dark.




5. Weather Monitor

Weather apps are good, but a personal weather station can tell you the exact climate of your specific location. A Personal Smart Weather Station offers real-time data on wind speed and direction, UV radiation intensity, outdoor temperature, humidity levels, and barometric pressure changes.


Ensure the weather is perfect for boating and sailing, get notified about potential UV damage, and receive warnings to prepare your dock or boat lift from Florida's notorious storm surges. To ensure you get the most use out of this innovative dock accessory, install your device with a marine electrical expert and custom dock builder.




6. Smart Gate Locks

You've probably heard of smart locks for your front door, but what about a smart lock for your gate? A secure gate is the first line of defense for your boat. Smart locks that can be controlled remotely, monitored via app, and integrated into your broader home security system.


These locks can alert you to potential breaches, log entry times and users, and even be programmed to lock and unlock automatically based on your location or schedule. The peace of mind they provide is as solid as the security they offer.




7. Smart Hose and Sprinkler System 

The saltwater can be harsh on your boat's systems, so a smart sprinkler or hose system is a convenient and automated solution for cleaning off any corrosive elements after every trip.


Program the system to start with a voice command or at the touch of your smartphone to ensure that your vessel is protected without you needing to lift a finger.




8. Docking Sensors

After a fun and eventful day in the sun, struggling to get your boat securely on your boat lift is the last thing you want to deal with. Docking sensors, similar to the sensors in your car, guide you to the perfect position by indicating when to stop - preventing both under and over-shooting your mark.


Docking sensors are not just a convenience; they can save time, aggravation, and potential damage to your boat and dock.




9. Boat Lift App

If you have a GEM boat lift and remote, then you know how easy it can be to use a boat lift with the right technology. But if you lose things easily or don't like to strap the floatation band to your wrist when you go jet skiing, then elevate your boat lift's ease of use with a smart device.


Complete with a remote app, you can control your lift from anywhere, even on your waterproof smartwatch. These lifts often come with safety features and automation that can turn off your boat lift when you forget or when an obstruction is detected, lowering your energy bills and eliminating worry!

If you're ready to Incorporate these accessories into your custom dock and boat lift, then you need a custom dock builder that offers electrical marine services. Many marine contractors suggest customers find their own electrical contractors, but too often they lack experience in marine electrical installation.


At Duncan Seawall, we oversee the entire marine construction project to ensure our customers receive optimal dock and boat lift functionality. Find out how we can make your marine construction process as convenient and innovative as possible when you download our complete guide to electrical.

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