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Seawall Replacement: The Professionals, The Process and The Project Completion

by Scott Myers


If your seawall is in need of replacement, don't look for the cheapest solution. Look for the company that has years of experience and the knowledge of the Florida coastline to not only build a quality seawall but to also keep your property investment from deteriorating.

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Step 1: Contact a Respected and Professional Marine Construction Company

The Duncan Team - At Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC, we have a highly-qualified and skilled team to offer the best in marine construction. When it comes to a Florida seawall replacement, you will see our years of experience. We want to show you what we know, what we have done, and what we know you need to do to keep your seawall investment last for years. We make the process as easy as possible, and we are there to help you through the process from initial permitting, planning and design to implementation.


Step 2: Consultation and Proposal

The Duncan Way - We can only speak for our process. We want our potential customers to come into our state-of-the-art Design Center, where we will happily review the products for a seawall project. With years of experience and technological advantages, a lot of times we use software for more efficient and accurate proposals. We make it our business to know your property, the governmental requirements, and the existing seawall characteristics and reasons for failure.

Our proposals are well-organized, easy to understand, and you will have our proposal in an expedited time. We know the process that needs to be done to get a seawall replaced. We can show you seawalls that we have constructed, replaced, and repaired. Along with the proposed cost, we include an expected time for completion.


Step 3: Your Property's Location and Government Regulations

The property location is important to begin the planning process. Your county most likely has governing regulations that we will need to know before we can begin planning and designing a new seawall. Permitting is most likely necessary, and inspections may be required.

The Duncan Diligence - Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC has been working with Southwest residential and commercial customers since 1979. We are well-versed on requirements for almost every county in the area. We have put together a permits guide to help our customers have a better understanding of the process requirements.


Step 4: Design, Planning and Permitting

Once the regulations are known, it is time to put together a submission for approval to obtain the necessary permits.

Seawall Materials

What material is best for a seawall depends upon information gathered to include the property's location, size, any governing restrictions, and other factors including customer budget. Once the material is determined, there is more detailed planning for all necessary equipment and supplies needed for the project.

The Duncan Dedication - The team at Duncan Seawall will review the materials with you, and we will explain what materials would be best for your property.

Seawall Engineering Design and Document Compilation

Again, your county, or city, will list what you must submit for a seawall replacement project. Along with documentation to communicate the project's detailed description, a certified engineered design must be created to present for approval and permitting.

Once all the necessary information is compiled, all required permits must be obtained. Permitting may take some time.

The Duncan Difference - You will learn that we have built a team to deliver the highest-quality services to our customers. We know the permitting process. One of our team members has years of experience with Florida's Department of Environmental Protection, and he knows what can and cannot be permitted.  


Step 5: Project Construction to Completion

Any project such as a property-supporting seawall should be done in a precise and timely manner. There may be wait times for inspections that are required during the construction process and at completion.

The Duncan Delivery - At any time during the project, we are able to track exactly where we are compared to the final construction through our Customer Relationship Management software. We will keep you up-to-date on anything that may hinder us from completing the seawall project in the time as proposed.


Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC - We Build Your Investment to Last  

It is an honor to serve the residents and businesses in Southwest Florida. Because we know we are equipped with knowledge, the experience, and the right equipment, we know we offer the best in coastal construction.

We look forward to delivering you our proposal for a Florida seawall replacement. Let us show you how we will help keep your investment lasting for years with the Duncan difference, diligence, and dedication. We deliver what we promise.

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