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Five of the Most Popular Dock Safety Accessories

by Duncan Seawall

Having a dock on your property can be a wonderful addition, however, you will also need to make sure that you include features to keep you, your family, and friends safe. In the same way you must secure a swimming pool, you must also secure your dock. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular safety features you can add to your dock.


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Most Popular Dock Accessories for Safety

If you wish to keep yourself and your friends or family safe, there are many things that can be done to increase dock safety. Some great options include:

1. A Gated Entry

Depending on how your property and your dock are laid out, the best way to ensure no one ventures onto your dock without your permission is to control access using a gate. You should ensure the gate latches and that locks are too high for small children to open easily. This ensures that no one can go out on your dock without your permission.

2. Proper Lighting

Whether you enjoy fishing and boating in the early morning or prefer the evening, sufficient lighting is a must-have. However, because lighting sometimes requires electricity to work, you must make sure it is installed safely. You can also add lighting underneath your dock to add ambiance and it can even help you catch more fish!

3. Flotation Devices

Before stepping onto your dock, consider having easy access to life jackets for people who may not be adept at swimming. You may also consider having life preservers on the dock and available to help anyone who may slip and fall into the water. Although it isn't designed to float, you may also want to install a ladder or steps to help anyone get back on the dock and safely out of the water.

4. Dock Railings

It’s highly recommended that you also install a railing around your dock. This can help prevent anyone, such as children and pets, from accidentally falling into the water. There are several options for railing types but some more popular options include wooden or cable railing. 

5. A Dock Gangway

Ships and other types of boats have a bridge that can run from the dock to the boat. It makes it easier for all people, big or small, to get on and off the boat. It can also be lifted or lowered as needed to help you move your coolers, fishing gear, and other items safely on or off your boat.

The gangway can also make it easier for you to reach the hull of your boat for cleaning and repairs if you do not wish to lean over your bow or dry dock it.

Adding these safety features to your dock is a great investment. There are many options to choose from, and you can add the ones you want over time. If you are interested in making any upgrades to your dock make sure you contact Duncan Seawall!


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