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Golden Boat Lifts: How do "Sea-Drive" and Flat Plate Drive Differ

by Scott Myers

Boat LiftOwning a boat allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of living on waterfront property, but you need a reliable boat lift to ensure the safety of your marine craft. With Golden Boat Lifts, you have easy to operate, durable boat lifts that can lift today's heavy boats safely out of the water when needed. A Golden Boat Lift with Sea-Drive has a greater lifting capacity than the older flat plate drive boat lifts and is often the better choice in lifts.

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Flat Plate Drive

The lift capacities of flat plate drives range from 4,500-12,000 pounds, which may work fine for smaller marine crafts. You can install flat plate drives on Golden Boat Lifts up to 12,000 pounds, but the torque requirements on larger lifts may be too much for this style of drive. Regular maintenance of the lift is essential for a valid warranty.

Golden Sea-Drive

With its aluminum die-cast enclosure that houses dual worm gear reducers, the Golden Sea-Drive can handle over 12,000 pounds and is the superior choice in boat lift drives. With the Sea-Drive configuration, the gear box won't back drive, which is an improvement over older, electric brakes that can fail in the challenging waterfront setting. Golden Boat Lifts with Sea-Drive feature a high-speed gear set with a 5:1 ratio for high efficiency and the low-speed gear set has a high ratio (96:1) to prevent back drifting. The high-quality lubricant inside the Sea-Drive has the capability to handle the high shear stress of heavily loaded boat lift gears and eliminates the potential for grease leaking out. Golden lifts with Sea-Drive feature the largest drive bolt in the industry of a 5/8" grade "5" cross bolt and produce 8000+ inch pounds of torque.

With today's bigger and heavier marine crafts, Golden Boat Lifts with Sea-Drive are the logical choice to ensure reliable removal of your boat from the water. The aluminum die-cast enclosure of the Sea-Drive protects the unit from harsh water elements and weather, ensuring years of reliable use. You can install the Sea-Drive on smaller boat lifts where a flat plate drive may work to lift under 12,000 pounds, which makes it a sensible alternative to the less efficient and durable flat plate drives.

If you'd like to learn more about Sea-Drive Golden Boat Lifts, contact Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift's staff of trusted marine contractors.

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