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Top 5 Boating Etiquette Tips to Keep in Mind While on the Water

by Duncan Seawall

If you are boating in one of the many bodies of water in Florida, the last thing you want to encounter is a reckless and careless boater. Recklessness might entail dangerously speeding past other boats or carelessly taking too much time loading or unloading at the ramp. Observing boat etiquette requires boat owners to avoid inconveniencing other boat owners in open waters and at the dock. 

It is not unusual to come across rowdy boaters who shout at other boaters going about their business. When observing boat etiquette, you should avoid taking actions that disturb other boaters' peace, quiet, and safety. Continue reading to gain insights into some boating etiquette tips in Florida. 


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Boating Etiquette Tips in Florida

1. Avoiding Taking Too Much Time at the Boating Ramp

Boating etiquette dictates that you should strive to get your boat off the ramp in the fastest possible time. Doing so allows you to avoid inconveniencing other boaters. Moreover, taking little time at the ramp reduces crowding and confusion because obstacles are unpredictable. 

Now, you might ask yourself what it takes to minimize your time at the ramp. Well, the answer is pretty simple. If you have a team, you should divide responsibilities  such as checking  if all the drain plugs are well inserted and tying up the boat to the dock. This will minimize any confusion amongst your group and ensure everyone will be working towards the common goal of getting the boat on the water safely and quickly. 

2. Always Maintain Ample Distance Between Your Boat and Other Boats 

If you are a boating enthusiast, you have probably come across boaters who recklessly speed past other boaters at dangerous velocities.. Such boaters often jolt other boats in the wake of their boats. While out in the water , you should remain conscious of other boats in your immediate vicinity. 

Practicing safe boating protects fellow boaters from unintentional accidents and injuries. Moreover, the practice constitutes a vital tenet of good etiquette. So, always consider the safety of other boaters in the open sea.

boating etiquette tips to keep in mind while on the water

3. Plan Accordingly

Planning allows you to have a successful boating expedition. Every time you intend to go boating, part of your plan should include ensuring that you take safety precautions.  Before heading out on your vessel, you should make sure the following items are checked off of your list: a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, and enough life jackets for all of your guests. 

Boating etiquette in Florida requires you to consider the safety of guests. It is important that every guest has a life jacket before sailing into open waters. 

4. Look Out For Wake Zones 

If you are not familiar with a particular body of water, it is good etiquette to look out for wake zones. The last thing you want is to sail through a wake zone at high speed. You should know that waters close to the ramp are almost always no-wake zones. Additionally, it would be best to show respect to fellow boaters by maintaining low speeds in these no-wake zones. 

5. Assist Fellow Boaters

When you go boating on open waters, you might encounter a fellow boater in distress. In such instances, it is good etiquette to offer them as much help as possible. If you are not in a position to help, you can send out an SOS signal to Florida's coast guard.

Boating etiquette remains critical to the safety and comfort of boaters in Florida. Anytime you go boating, you should avoid actions that imperil the safety of other boaters in open waters. Always keep the top five boating etiquette tips highlighted above in mind. Above all, take actions that improve the overall experience of your guests and fellow boaters!

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