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Tips to Maintain Boat Lift

by Duncan Seawall

Boat lifts can be put to great use for both commercial and residential projects. They are very effective when utilized properly. If properly maintained, they will greatly reduce your downtime. It is important to remember that the human aspect of boat lift maintenance should not be forgotten. Keeping up with your boat lift monthly maintenance checks will drastically increase your uptime. The following boat lift maintenance tips will ensure your equipment is always ready:

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Monthly Boat Lift Inspections to Extend Their Life

boatlifts_maingalleryMonthly inspections are important so boat lift users can ensure it's functioning properly if they need to use it. Boat lifts are equipment that needs to be in good shape so the boat being raised will not fall. If this happens, it could cause injuries to the boat owner or damage to the boat. By performing regular monthly inspections, these damages can be avoided. This boat lift inspection checklist will help ensure you inspect everything and nothing is overlooked:

  • Check the gauges on your boat lift
  • Remove leaves and other debris
  • Inspect all moving parts of the boat lift for wear
  • Inspect gears and pulleys
  • Test batteries and wiring
  • Check and lubricate all moving parts and surfaces
  • Check Hydraulic and fluid levels

Boat lifts are complicated. You can't expect to maintain it by simply putting all the pieces together. To make sure that your boat lift will retain its functionality for a long period, you need to inspect equipment regularly and do the maintenance to ensure it stays in good shape.


Check the Wear And Fit of the Trolley

A boat lift is an essential piece of equipment for any boater. A professional boat lift will make your life easier. Maintaining your boat lift can be done with a few simple steps if any wear or issues arise. The trolley may fit snugly, but over time wear and tear will occur. This can result in noisy trolleys, trolleys that skip during movement, and trolleys that need to be replaced completely. Checking for these signs of wear is crucial for the safety of your boat.

    • Trolley Groove
    • Trolley Wheels
    • Trolley Shoes
    • Trolley Pin
    • Trolley Bearing
    • Trolley Guide Pads
    • Hangers

Trolley wear and fit is a crucial part of a boat lift's maintenance. If the equipment is not working to its full capacity, it can create hazards that can cause injury or damage to your boat.


Greasing Parts and Oiling Cables to Reduce Wear

Greasing parts and oiling cables is one of the most vital processes needed to maintain a boat lift for reliable equipment when you need it. Like any mechanical system, boat lifts experience wear and tear from use over time. Regular maintenance should be done to reduce unnecessary wear on parts and cables. Greasing parts performs several functions for your boat lift, including reducing friction, heat, noise and preserving the lubricating properties of sealers and oils.


Check Your Bearings And Fine-Tune the Drums

Every boat lift has a number of bearings and parts which allow it to operate and function properly. These components include grease zerks and bushings and the sheaves, drums, cranks, and pins that operate the boat lift. The bearings need to be greased to keep them in good working order. If the bearings do not have sufficient lubrication, they can wear out prematurely.


Allow Moving Parts to Cool Before Greasing, Oiling, or Making Repairs

A common mistake that boat lift owners make is not allowing for parts to sufficiently cool before adding any lubricants or making repairs to the unit. It is very important that additional effort be made to check for parts that may be hot after use and take appropriate steps before greasing, oiling, or making any repairs. If there is an issue with any of the parts of the lift, the needed repairs should wait until all moving parts have cooled down.

Maintain and inspect your boat lift regularly, and it will perform better and last longer. If you need help with your boat lift maintenance, contact Duncan Seawalls for help with all your marine construction maintenance and repair needs.

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