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Dock or Boat Lift Project: Duncan's Process from Start to End

by Scott Myers

At Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC, we have been servicing our neighbors in Southwest Florida since 1979. Whether you want a dock, a boat lift, or both, we're here to deliver quality that you will enjoy for years. 

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The Duncan Dock or Boat Lift Project Process

Our years of experience, knowledge, and resources give us the capability to get your dock and/or boat lift ready to use in a very reasonable time-frame. We never rush to jeopardize quality service, but we work hard to stay on schedule. 


I. Your Key Participation (2-3 weeks)

Once you call into our office at 941-351-1553, we will need some of your valuable time. Depending upon the scheduled appointments, this can take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.

  1. Schedule On-Site Meeting - You will be channeled to one of our regional sales team members who will set an appointment to meet you on-site to gather information we need to put together a detailed proposal.
  2. Preparation of Estimate and Proposal - Your regional sales team member will put together an estimate along with a detailed proposal, and contact you for an in-house meeting.
  3. In-House Proposal Meeting - We bring you into to see our operations and to have a very detailed review of the proposed project with materials recommended. We review the estimates and the proposal with digital drawings to help you visualize the project at completion. An additional appointment is set to have a final review before moving forward. This allows you to have time to review the proposed project, think of any additional questions, and make any changes.
  4. Proposal Follow-Up Meeting - Unless we need to review any changes, this meeting will not take long. We review the estimates and the proposal one last time. If all agreed upon, we're ready to move forward. 

II. Permitting Process (4-6 weeks)

Our dedicated permitting coordinator is well-versed with the various municipality requirements and handles all the permitting paperwork. Depending on the municipality, the process can vary in length of time, and we use a 4-6 week window for the permitting process.


If we find out of any issues that would add more time than expected, we will communicate this information back to you. Once we get all the pertinent permitting in place, we're ready for operations to begin.


III. Coordination of Materials and Equipment Mobilization (approximately 3-4 weeks)

Once permitting is sent to our Operations Department, we will reach out to you to let you we are approximately 3-4 weeks out of starting your project. All the material packages and purchase orders are now ready to be put together for all the necessary materials needed to complete your project. 

We will reach out again when we're approximately two days out of mobilizing the equipment to start your project. 


IV. On-Site Construction Operation (3-4 weeks)

During the construction process, our on-site superintendent will want to meet with you from time to time. 

  1. Pre-Construction Meeting - Our on-site superintendent will meet with you to review the process and answer any of your questions before we begin the project. 
  2. Project Updates - Depending on the scope of the project and municipality requirements, additional time may be required. Our on-site superintendent will be giving updates as the project progresses. 
  3. Completion Walk-Through - Upon the completion of the project, our on-site superintendent will do a walk-thru inspection with you to make sure you're satisfied and answer all your questions. 

The Quality You Deserve 

At Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC, we take pride in knowing that we construct with quality that we know you deserve and want. Our goal is to get the job done so that you, your family and friends can begin enjoying your Florida coastal lifestyle. 


It is also our goal to help you understand what to expect from the moment you call our team. We make it easy for you to get excited that you will be enjoying your dock and/or boat lift in no time. Once you call, we go to work!

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