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What is the Purpose of a Vinyl Seawall?

by Duncan Seawall

Vinyl Seawall Duncan SeawallWith its low cost, high sustainability, and ease of installation, vinyl has become a preferred material for seawalls. Vinyl seawalls can be inexpensive compared to concrete and other materials, making them appropriate for small residential docks and waterfront barriers.

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Vinyl seawalls are easy to install and can withstand the elements well. What is the purpose of a vinyl seawall? What will having the vinyl structure at your waterfront residence mean? Here are some of the purposes of vinyl seawalls:

Effective Soil Erosion Control

Vinyl seawalls can help reduce and limit soil erosion on your waterfront property by breaking down the waves and offering protection to the soil on which your property is built. Without vinyl seawalls, waves will slowly but steadily erode the soil and rocks, increasing the area covered by water and reducing the size of the waterfront land. With vinyl seawalls however, the rocks and soil will be safe from erosion.

Protect Structures From Wave Destruction

Without proper waterfront structures, large waves could make their way onto your property and cause unwanted damage. With a vinyl seawall, the waves will not reach your front door. Even if they do, they will have been broken down and their intensity reduced by the vinyl seawall, saving you from avoidable property damage pains.

Seawalls Provide Opportunities for Recreation

With a vinyl seawall in place, you can comfortably stand next to the ocean and admire the beautiful scenery without fear of falling in. Vinyl seawalls will give you the perfect platform to sightsee and engage in many other recreational activities on your waterfront property.

Vinyl seawalls are essential for protecting and enjoying waterfront property and anyone who is mindful of the safety of their facilities should have them installed. When installed properly by a qualified contractor, they can last many years and offer protection from the elements. Contact us today for more information about Seawalls.

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