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Why a Private Dock Is the Most Secure Way to Store a Boat in Florida

by Duncan Seawall

The best way to know that your boat will be safe is to have it safely docked at your own private dock at your waterfront property. Here are just a few reasons why building your own private dock is the most secure way to store your boat in Florida.

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1. Your Boat Will Be on Your Property

First and foremost, a private dock will let you keep your boat on your own property, rather than at a public marina or storage facility. Though most of those facilities will have some kind of security, you’re still leaving your boat exposed. 

Storing your boat at your waterfront property means you'll be able to keep an eye on it yourself and you can manage everything about its security.

2. You Can Install Dedicated Security Cameras

When you store your boat at a public facility, you have to simply trust that the security cameras there will pick up anyone who tries to steal or damage it. Unfortunately, as the discouraging statistics on boat recovery in Florida show, this isn't always the case. 

If you have a private dock, you can install security cameras focused exclusively on your boat and that you can monitor 24/7 through your computer or phone. You’ll always be able to have eyes on your boat. A security camera is a good way to de

3. Your Dock, Your Locks

When storing your boat at a private dock, you can add whatever security features you want, including any kind of gates and locks you see fit rather than relying on a marina's security. 

No matter how simple or extravagant you want to go, the security of your boat will be in your own hands, and you'll have the deciding say in what features are included at your dock.

4. A Private Dock Means Less Time on a Trailer

Some 90 percent of boat thefts occur when the boat is mounted on a trailer since thieves can simply hitch the trailer to the back of a truck and make off with it. Boat owners who don't have garages large enough to accommodate their boats often have to leave them on trailers in exposed outdoor areas. 

If you have a private dock, though, you can store your boat on the water or on a boat lift and only place it on a trailer when you're traveling or taking it in for maintenance. The less time your boat spends on its trailer, the less likely you are to become a victim of watercraft theft.

Building a private dock on your waterfront property is the best way to ensure the safety of your boat in Florida. If you're interested in building a dock or boat lift for your boat, contact us today.

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