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by Scott Myers


Duncan Seawall invites you to visit our Marine Design Center for creative ideas when renovating or installing boat lifts, docks, decks, and lighting for your residential or commercial waterfront property. Our design center gives you an opportunity to visualize your new shoreline and offers a single point of contact to discuss everything from design to installation.

Located at 1714 Independence Blvd. Sarasota, FL, Duncan Seawall’s Marine Design Center showcases some of our finest work and products. Customers can stop by and get a hands on experience and a close up view of our docks, decking, dock accessories, boat lifts, boat lift accessories, electrical, seawalls and much more.

Homeowners should take every opportunity to preserve their property with an appropriate seawall installation. Additionally, adding docks or a boat lift to your residential or commercial shoreline property invites an increased use and an increased value of your home.

Whether you are adding marine features to your coastal home, or upgrading and retrofitting with state-of-the-art underwater lighting systems, consider visiting the Duncan Seawalls Design Center and speak with a residential/commercial marine specialist.

Highlights of the Marine Design Center

The Duncan Seawall Marine Design Center was constructed with the intent to give consumers a visual and tactile experience of marina materials and colors - and how they will look when constructed on an actual waterfront property. Also, it gives the homeowners a chance to discuss exactly how they would like to increase their outdoor coastal living activities.

The Marine Design Center is your opportunity to truly consider the many ways your coastal property can be improved:

  • Residential marine equipment and demonstrations
  • Examine the true feel and look of materials
  • Ask questions and see the workings of boat lifts
  • Get a true idea of what your property will look like

When it comes to residential marine renovations, repairs, or new construction, it pays to talk with a professional marine designer and installation contractor before investing in your project. Detailed planning and a consideration of the best materials for your situation will go a long way in adding a long life cycle to your new residential marina.


Things to Consider When Planning a Residential Marina

A common home improvement for coastal homes is adding decking for outdoor activities and a docking system to get the most out of your shoreline living experience. There are many options to consider, which is why the Marine Design Center is so valuable, allowing homeowners to view their options and to narrow their choices. Some key considerations when planning your residential marina will be determined by how you plan to use your new outdoor recreation area:

  • Will you need the additional width to accommodate outdoor furniture?
  • If outdoor diving is expected, you may need to consider a cantilever dock design
  • If the area receives full daylight sun, then a light-colored material may be best
  • For fishing off your deck, you may consider a storage container and a bench

A visit to the Marine Design Center gives homeowners a chance to fully explore how they are presently using this outdoor space, and how a new design layout can increase the usable area around your shoreline.

Designing for Water Safety

Of great benefit to the consumer, is the chance to discuss features that will increase your residential dock and deck safety. This starts with a discussion of the dock frame and how much strength and twisting force will be demanded. The dock flotation and deck materials are also crucial. The Marine Design Center gives customers a chance to view and handle the different dock materials and discuss safety issues with a professional installer.

If your site is close to the ocean or on the gulf, additional considerations of erosion control should be discussed while at the Design Center. These important decisions concerning materials and products will reduce the risk of disaster and economic loss - while ensuring the safety of your family and friends.

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