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How to Prevent Your Boat From Rusting

by Scott Myers

boatintheoceanflorida.jpegMoisture is the leading cause of rust, and since boats spend most of their time in water, they are vulnerable to rusting and corrosion. Water alone is bad enough, however, when you include saltwater in the equation, it can lead to a more serious problem.

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Rust is a big issue for many boat owners. Water moisture can destroy critical parts of your boat’s functionality, often making your boat unusable. It is important to undertake various measures to prevent your boat from rusting. Some of the preventative measures that can be used include:

Keeping Your Boat Clean

Once you have finished using your boat, you should clean it thoroughly using a mild detergent mixed with clean water. After cleaning your boat, give it sufficient time to dry. When you clean your boat, you remove the saltwater residue that might be lingering on the boat.

Using a Boat Cover

Your boat will end up being exposed to elements that accelerate the rusting process, which can ruin your boat’s usability. It is advisable to keep your boat covered, whenever you are not using it. Invest in a quality boat cover that is not easily affected by harsh weather conditions.

Thorough Inspections

Inspecting your boat thoroughly will help you to identify any signs of corrosion or rust. Once you identify the affected areas, you can then take the necessary measures and precautions to deal with rust. When boats are not inspected, you run the risk of rust compromising the integrity of your boat, leading to expensive repairs or even failure.

When left unchecked, corrosion on your boat becomes an issue that can spread quickly. Corrosion gradually damages and weakens most parts of a boat, including the mast, wires, steering systems, & valves. The good news is that your boat, with regular maintenance, shouldn’t encounter issues of corrosion. Follow the tips above will help your boat remain in good condition.

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