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Minimize Plastic Shrinkage Cracks Using Kurez Curing Compound on Your Concrete Seawall [Video]

by Duncan Seawall

The allure of the Florida lifestyle is undeniable. The Sunshine State attracts people from all over the country, many who choose to stay, because of the gorgeous weather, nature and wildlife, and, of course, the fabulous beaches. These same elements that make Florida a paradise to visit, or relocate to, cause significant damage to waterfront properties without sufficient protection.

Seawalls provide an effective means of protecting your property and investment by minimizing erosion and potential damage or loss. Properly engineered and constructed, a seawall reduces wave energy which can damage property by slowly eroding the waterfront or lead to flooding. Left unprotected, massive waves and storm surge generated from offshore storms and hurricanes can leave property, buildings and even residents at risk. Seawalls preserve property and structures from the inherent dangers and consequences that accompany waterfront property in Florida.

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Seawalls must be designed to endure heavy loads due to high levels of groundwater and violent storms, the most brutal conditions of any marine structure. When choosing a contractor for a seawall project, it is crucial to find a well established, professional and experienced company that are experts in marine construction.

Duncan Seawall, Dock, & Boat Lift, LLC is a full-service marine construction company based in Sarasota, Florida. Since 1979, Duncan has provided both residential and commercial construction services for marine projects of all sizes. Duncan's dedication to excellence, both in craftsmanship and customer service, has made Duncan Florida's most prominent residential marine contractor.

As Florida's largest residential marine contractor, Duncan concentrates on the individual needs of each customer, handling every detail from permits to clean up. Having completed projects in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Pinellas and surrounding counties Duncan has the expertise and experience to build a seawall that will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will provide years of use with minimal maintenance. 


 Concrete has proven to create a stable seawall structure, and Duncan Seawall is the region's leader in installing the most durable precast concrete seawalls. Manufactured off-site, Duncan ensures that each panel is fabricated using the highest quality control possible. Every eight-inch panel is cured for approximately six weeks before installation and engineered with the highest level of quality concrete consistency available. Continuous steel rebar throughout the panels allows them to withstand loads of 5000 P.S.I. Duncan adheres to these strict specifications to ensure that their seawall projects provide the durability, strength, and stability required in a superior seawall.

Support for Duncan Seawalls comes from a steel reinforced, 5000 P.S.I 20-inch x 22-inch concrete cap, and tieback system. Tieback rods are three-quarter inch diameter, galvanized steel, threaded rod, with a 6" x 6" plate bolted to each end. This plate secures the cap to a concrete base embedded in the yard. The structural integrity of the system is further enhanced by the elimination of heating or bending the tieback rods in the field, which could weaken them.

To further protect your concrete seawall and ensure that it remains stable as well as aesthetically pleasing, Duncan uses Kurez Curing Compound on your concrete seawall to minimize plastic shrinkage and cracks. Kurez Curing Compound, formulated from hydrocarbon resins, is a liquid membrane-forming curing compound. This compound provides an excellent initial cure for concrete, resulting in stronger, more wear resistant concrete.

The product is easily and quickly applied on site and helps to eliminate dusting that is common with concrete. The product is also perfect for those that chose to cover or coat the cap at a later time. The application of Kurez Curing Compound controls and minimizes cracks and shrinkage and ensures that the finished concrete cap is long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and adds value to your waterfront property.

Duncan Seawall takes pride in its ability to help clients through every step of their project from permits to final cleanup. Their experience and dedication, combined with the highest quality materials available ensure that you will have the most dependable seawall available.

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