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Boat Lifts: Benefits, Parts, Operation and More

by Duncan Seawall

For us Floridians with waterfront property, owning a boat is part of the lifestyle living in our Sunshine State. Just like owning a car, maintaining a boat is part of owning one. Leaving a boat in the water can result in multiple problems, and a boat lift can add to the enjoyment of owning a boat. 

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Boat Lift Benefits Make Boating More Enjoyable

Dry-docking is the best way to avoid the regular scrubbing you will have to do if you leave your boat in the water. As explained in a previous Duncan Blog, you will enjoy the time and cost benefits a boat lift offers.

  • Hull Protection
  • Corrosion/Osmosis Prevention
  • Boat Security
  • Easier Boat Access


Boat Lift Parts and What They Do

At Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC, we have been in the marine construction business since 1979, and we address every customer's unique waterfront architecture in Southwest Florida.


Depending upon the type of boat, there are different types of boat lifts to consider. Even though there are different types of boat lifts, they all basically have the same parts.


An informative resource for boating in Southwest Florida is Go Boating Florida. "Boat Lifts 101" reviews the basic parts of a boat lift. 


While electric boat lifts make life the easiest and they are the most popular, there are manual-type boat lifts. Depending on the type and weight of your boat, a manual boat lift can be physically demanding.


Maneuvering a Boat On and Off a Boat Lift

There are informative resources for boaters that can be helpful to the beginning boater. BoatU.S. is one such organization you may want to bookmark, and they even offer videos of boating how-tos. When you become a Duncan customer, you can depend upon our expertise to show you how to properly operate your boat lift. These BoatU.S. videos will give you some tips for using a boat lift.


Factors to Consider in Preparation for a Boat Lift 

A big part of our job is offering the knowledge to guide our customers on selecting the boat lift that is right for them. We consider three factors when we work with you during the selection process. You will enjoy the Duncan process, because you get to be involved in the design of your boat lift. 


We know you will have questions. Our "Duncan Seawall's Complete Guide to: Boat Lifts" should help you. If you have more questions, we're always happy to get you the answer.



Maintaining Your Boat Lift Investment

To keep your boat in the best shape, you want to keep your boat lift maintained, and we will help you understand how to keep your boat lift working its best. When you want us to help you maintain your boat lift investment, we have the field staff who are there for all of our customers. 


Call the Duncan Team for the Best Boat Lift Solutions in Southwest Florida

At Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC, we know a boat lift is an investment you want to last for a long time. That is why we begin every project with a visit to your location to gather the vital information we need to offer you the best boat lift solution. It is our goal to keep your boat lift project on a timely schedule

Complete Guide to Boat Lifts

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