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Catamarans: Dock Options and Hurricane Preparation In Sarasota

by Scott Myers

Here in Southwest Florida, boating is part of life for many of us. Catamarans can offer an exceptional cruising experience, but you do need to do your research before you commit. While we're all about constructing the best dock for your catamaran enjoyment, we can't help but hopefully direct you to beneficial information, especially if you're new to Florida.


Here are a few things you should know about boating with a Catamaran in Southwest Florida.


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Learn about Cruising on a Catamaran


If you're new to Florida, and you're ready to enjoy life on the water, catamarans are great for cruising in our warm waters. The Multihull Company is an excellent resource to start your learning process, and they offer the training you will need.


Offshore Sailing School is another teaching organization that has locations along the Gulf Coast of Florida, and also in the British Virgin Islands. You will want to learn how to safely move off and approach a dock, especially in marinas, where you will be dealing with tidal currents and winds. 



Dock Construction for Your Catamaran


At Duncan Seawall, we are Southwest Florida's experts when it comes to marine construction solutions, both commercial and residential. Whether you need solutions for a commercial marina to offer exceptional catamaran dockage, or you want to keep your catamaran at your waterfront property, we can help you design the dock for the best in catamaran dockage.


The In-Water Solution


We can design a dock specifically-designed for a catamaran. Whether on one side of a single-path dock or with a customized U-shaped design, a great innovation is the SlideMoor Docking System


The only problem with this method is that you leave your vessel in the water, requiring you to keep the hull clean of barnacles, as well as other marine-damaging factors.


The Drive-On and Floating Dock Solution


Depending on the size of your vessel, you may be able to use a "drive-on and dock" floating dock system that can be situated to work with your existing dock, or we can design a protective U-shaped dock. 


The Golden Boat Lifts Solution


A boat lift offers multiple benefits to boat owners. By keeping your vessel out of the water, you keep it from barnacle build-up, as well as protected from other corrosive elements. You also keep it safe from the damage of floating debris, and it will be easier to get on and off the boat.


Golden Boat Lifts is located right here in Southwest Florida, in Ft. Myers. We are proud to be a dealer for this boat lift manufacturer, the leader around the world. Why we solely represent Golden Boat Lifts is all about the quality materials, construction, and warranty. 

  • All Welded Construction vs. Bolted Connections
  • Patented SEA-Drive System
  • 15-Year Structural Warranty



We Customize to Create Your Catamaran's One-of-a-Kind Dock


Whatever the boat type you have, we can customize a dock, with or without a boat lift. Our Design Center has state-of-the-art technology, where you get to see everything we use to construct docks and boat lifts. Before we even start the construction project, you know how your dock will look at your property site. 


We also hold a marine electrical license, and we offer expert electrical marine services for quality lighting customization. It is our mission to create custom docks that our neighbors, across Southwest Florida, will enjoy for years.



Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC, is here at 941-451-5817 for the best in marine construction services. No matter the size of your project, we tailor our services to work with you, and it is always an honor to be part of your consideration process.


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