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5 Reasons Why Seawall Fails and How It Affects Your Property Value

by Duncan Seawall

As a waterfront property owner, your seawall is extremely important. If neglected, it may not only endanger your beautiful paradise, but also affect its value. A crumbling seawall makes vacationers and investors look the other way. Also, it allows soil erosion to eat into your property and reduces its value significantly. Therefore, maintaining and repairing your seawall is important as the future of your property hinges on it. No matter how keen you can be, seawalls are vulnerable, and they can fail. Here are 5 reasons why seawalls fail.

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Severe Weather Conditions

Contractors build properties on the shoreline to withstand severe weather conditions and the harsh marine environment. Nonetheless, such weather conditions may still put a strain on this wall. For instance, heavy rainfall and strong crashing waves can damage your seawall. If a section of your seawall lacks a good drainage system, then it will hold water behind the wall and make it more vulnerable.


Moreover, when the water trapped rises higher, it puts immense pressure on the seawall, making it weaker. Intense storms can also erode the soil on the seawall's foundation. This happens when waves from the storm wash away the soil supporting the seawall, and eventually, the wall will fail.

Property Modifications

A waterfront property owner may desire to upgrade and modify their asset.  While this is a great idea, the adjustments should be made with a high level of professionalism. For example, adding a swimming pool near the seawall may put extra pressure on it. Any property modification that adds further weight to the seawall can ultimately make it fail.

Waterline Failure

Sometimes, a seawall fails due to aged concrete, uneven water pressure, or old reinforcing rods. In such circumstances, slabs and panels develop cracks.  Water penetrates and is trapped between these cracks, causing water pressure to build up gradually. In due course, the cracks give way, weakening the seawall further.


Poor Seawall Maintenance

Waterfront properties are demanding in terms of maintenance. However, you cannot ignore or skip routine maintenance. The strength of your seawall centers on timely repairs of any damaged sections. Neglecting it impacts negatively on your shoreline property by making it susceptible to falling apart. Poor seawall maintenance does not only result from inattention but also hiring inexperienced contractors to do the repairs. Substandard repair work is as bad as no repair at all.

Cap Failures

Harsh marine conditions may corrode the steel that fortifies the concrete cap. Aside from that, strong waves can push the wall, prompting the seawall panels to move. The movement leads to several cracks in the cap. In addition, corrosion of the steel due to salty water widens the cracks. Over time, the cap weakens, and the panels lean further into the water. If left unattended, the cap finally breaks. The panels may also give in and result in seawall failure.




How The Condition Of Your Seawall Affects Your Property Value

A seawall is a smart investment since it elevates the value of your property. Investors and vacationers interested in your waterfront property will want to inspect your seawall. Based on what they see, they can decide whether your property is worth the price. A dilapidated seawall can lead to a sharp decline in your shoreline property.

Maintaining your seawall may cost you, but a property with sturdy walls is quite attractive.  It sells faster and fetches a premium price.  At Duncan Seawall Marine construction company, we understand the importance of your seawall. The areas we focus on include seawalls, boat lifts, docks, dredging, dock lighting, and other related commercial projects.  Feel free to contact us, and we will help you restore your seawall.

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