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Marine Contractor Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season in Florida

by Duncan Seawall

marine hurricane safety It's never too late to start preparing for hurricane season. Summer will be here before you know it, and if you prolong the inevitable, last minute items can get pretty expensive. While the winds are calm and cooler weather surrounds us, take some time to stock up on preparations so the next hurricane season doesn't strike you like a storm.

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Make a Plan 

The last thing you want to do is get caught off guard without a plan when a storm comes into town. Create a plan now so you have time to practice and get the kinks out. Know where you'll store your boat, where your family will go, and how you'll get where you need to be safely. Make sure you communicate your plan with all family members, friends, and neighbors, so you're all action-ready when the storm arrives. 

Have a Safe Storage Place for Your Boat

When hurricane season hits, you won't likely have time to look for a last minute place to months from now. If your boat is small enough for dry storage, make sure you have a place readily available. If you have a larger boat, seek out a safe haven that's far away from the open waterways. 

Get Insurance

Just like car insurance doesn't work if you try to get it just after you've had an accident, hurricane and flood insurance aren't going to do much for you after the storm has passed. Shop for insurance now so you're set to go when the winds get going.

Purchase Supplies

You already know you'll probably lose power, need fresh water, and require food essentials. This is the perfect time to get those supplies together so you're not fighting the crowds when a big event occurs. Start accumulating batteries, canned goods, water, candles, a portable power generator, and other essential items you'll need when the going gets tough.

Be Prepared to Reinforce Your Home

You'll want to have items ready to board up your windows and other vulnerable parts of your home. Now is a great time to purchase wood coverings, hammers, and nails so they're ready when needed.

How do you prepare for Florida's annual hurricane season? Share your preparation tips with us at our Duncan Seawall, Dock and Boat Lift Facebook page!


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