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Golden Boat Lifts: 10 Boat Lift Accessories You Should Know About

by Duncan Seawall

Golden Boat Lifts are commonly accepted to be among the best in the world, not just because of the quality of the engineering, but also a range of accessories that cover any need a boat owner may have regarding access:

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Top Beam Covers

Made to fit the specific lift, these covers can be used in low profile installations, allowing the top beam to be used as an access platform.

Remote Controls

Sailing might require some hard work but lifting your boat from the water should be any harder than it needs to be. Auto-stop and standard remote controls allow you to raise and lower your boat, to and from the water, with the press of a button.

Stern Platform

A 16-foot platform that is ideal for providing access to motors and outdrives.


Once your boat is lifted, you still need to be able to access it with as little effort as possible. The walkway from Golden Boat Lifts makes this possible, making the cleaning just that much easier.


When the walkway is not quite enough on its own, steps are the answer, particularly if they’re designed to attach to the walkway and come in a range of heights. Choose between 2, 3, or 4 steps, each with an 8-inch step rise. You can also request larger sizes and the addition of handrails if required.

Single Angle Shallow Water Cradle

While quite self-explanatory, this accessory is still a must for working in shallow water.

Floating Hinged Access Platform

The same could be said of this platform; the hinge allows it to move with the water level, meaning you are a lot less likely to be stranded at any point during the day.

Custom Walkways and Stairs

No two boat owners nor their boats are the same, or have the same needs. If the standard walkways and stairs do not meet your needs, then custom builds are definitely an accessory you should consider.

Rotating Stairs

Ideal if you do not have room or permission for additional platforms, rotating stairs are one way to reach your boat safely if your boat and boat lift are at right angles to the dock or platform.

Tide Guides

Every boat owner knows that tides and water levels change during the day, but keeping track of these changes while working on your boat can prove less than easy. A tide cradle is designed to keep the cradle in place during high tides, or in high current situations. When mounted on the four corners of the cradle beams they follow the piles, consequently keeping the cradle where it should be at all times.

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