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Green Underwater Dock Lights: Why the Color Green?

by Scott Myers

green dock lightsA casual observer strolling along the waterfront might wonder: Why are there so many green lights under the docks? And why are they all green? You may suspect that the lights are for a neighborhood watch program, exposing any underwater menaces threatening the dock area.

Maybe there is a reason for why dock owners choose the green light? Let’s take a look:

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Benefits of Green Dock Lights

Green lighting travels through the water better than many other colors, revealing both the abundant bait fish and the hungry thieves that move in to feast on the bait. According to the World Fishing Network, blue lights also travel through the water well, but are not as consistent about attracting fish; they work well in saltwater, but don't seem to attract fish so much in freshwater.

But what about the ambiance? Both green and white lights appear to create a romantic ambiance for zooplankton, the tiny organisms near the bottom of the food chain. But courtship is always a dangerous feat, no matter who you are. And if you're a zooplankton drifting about, basking in a green light with your love, your attraction may be fatal. In moves the bait fish, the hungry little fish who find zooplankton to be a delectable dining experience. Hunger often casts fears away and that's how it is for the bait fish. Drawn to the zooplankton and surreptitiously silhouetted by the green light, they dine.

Anglers, on neighborhood night watch look on as first the bait fish move in and then he third guest arrives. Sport fish species are attracted, in turn, to the bait fish. And now we see a new reason for green lights under docks. Not only do they create ambiance for the reproductive rituals of zooplankton or make the neighborhood watch possible, but they set the table for a tasty fish dinner.

Because the green lights penetrate the water for greater distances than most other lights and because the fish that are attracted directly to the light (not necessarily the zooplankton) prefer the green over blue, green lights under docks do attract the metaphysicist abundance, too.

Anglers use other lights as well, such as black lights that help them watch their lines for bites, but the green lights work especially well for setting the food chain into motion and ultimately landing fish on the dock—on their way to our tables.

How to Install Green Lights to Your Dock

While there are DIY submersible lighting kits, we are talking about mixing water and electricity—a formidable pair for the inexperienced. Considering that life and health are two of your most valuable possessions, you’ll want to look into a professional installation.

In Sarasota, FL, Duncan Seawall's commitment to customer care and service has led them to establish their own electric division so that their customers' electrical needs on the waterfront are completed safely and in a timely manner. Duncan professionals can help dock owners select the best amenities for their purposes.

When discussing your lighting or other dock needs with installation professionals, things to consider besides color include what kind of bulbs to use, properly enclosed electrical outlets, and maintenance.

Take charge of your underwater neighborhood watch by creating the ambiance and abundance you desire and enjoy the reliability and safety resulting from choosing experts to install and maintain your waterfront environment.

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