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How Underwater Lighting Can Make Fishing off Your Dock More Fun

by Duncan Seawall

Fishing off your dock is a fun activity that you and your family can enjoy together. Adding underwater lighting, however, takes the experience to a whole new level of enjoyment.

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They attract fish

Whether your dock is in fresh or saltwater, underwater fish lights attract fish. initially, you’ll notice bait fish and zoo plankton. These will then attract larger fish to the area around your dock. There will be many varieties of fish visible, creating an entertaining experience whether you’re fishing or just enjoying the view.

You’ll be in a cooler, more tranquil setting

Underwater fish light systems let your dock become an pleasant destination at night. There will be fewer boats and less activity around, creating a quieter, more secluded atmosphere. You and your family will be out of the sun, so you’ll also be more comfortable. The setting is more relaxing and perfect for stargazing.

Your kids will learn about nature

Underwater fish lights will let your kids learn about nature in a fun, memorable way. They’ll be able to experience first­hand an amazing nightly display of fish in their natural habitat. Talk about the kind of fish you see, and which are predators or prey for other fish. Your kids’ appreciation for nature will grow when they can see and experience it up close.

Underwater fish lights add excitement and interest

Let’s face it – kids sometimes need a little pizazz to get them interested in or excited about something. They might find dock fishing during the day a little boring at times. Underwater fish lights add interest and excitement to your dock area, which will help attract not only fish, but also your kids!

Contact us at Duncan Seawall to learn more about underwater fish light systems and custom docks. We have our own Marine Electrical Services Division and install lights from Underwater FishLight and Hydro Glow.

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