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What are My Boat Lift Options for Shallow Water

by Duncan Seawall

Every boat and boat dock is different. The depth of the water around your residential or commercial property can create a challenging opportunity for both a seawall and dock system for your recreational crafts. It can also make a difference on the type of boat lift you use to get your watercraft out of the water. If you are located in an area with shallow water or a fluctuating water level that is mainly shallow you have a few boat lift options for boats, as well as personal watercraft.

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Bottom Standing Lifts

If you have a dock on your property, you need the best option in a bottom-standing lift. These can either be four-post or eight-post lifts. Ours are designed using marine-grade stainless steel and aluminum, with a touch of wood. Heavy-duty stainless-steel motors will lift your boat out of the water; two on the four-post model and four on the eight-post model. 

The choice between the two bottom-standing lifts is down to the weight of your recreational crafts. The four-post lift model can raise crafts between 4,500 to 28,000 pounds. On the other hand, the eight-post model can lift vessels ranging from 32,000 to 250,000 pounds.  

Elevator Boat Lift

Another lift for shallow water would be an elevator boat lift design. This lift is at an angle and lifts your boat from the side, much like a forklift with the carpeted wood bunks along the fork and guide posts running straight to the top. When the lift is activated it will slide up pulling the boat out of the water at an angle.

Why Boat Lifts Are Necessary

The water at the edge of your property is at the mercy of global forces and can experience fluctuating levels. If you're going to operate a boat lift safely, it must be installed at a level higher than the mean high water level.

Watercraft lifts are remarkable for their utility and convenience. You can hoist your craft out of the water quickly, safely, and efficiently. No need to take your vessel to a different location to perform an inspection. You can even repair damage to your crafts on your property and conduct maintenance.

Additionally, keeping your watercraft out of the water reduces wear and tear due to hull blisters. You don't want to go into the costly damage common with props, shafts, and outdrives. Marine and riverine organisms alongside wave action can have hard-hitting effects, and thus costs, to your vessel.  

If you are looking for boat lift solutions for your residential dock or commercial marina, Duncan Seawall Dock & Boat Lift is a name you can rely on. Contact us today to get started.

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