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Rock Revetment in Florida: Everything You Need to Know

by Scott Myers

When you're looking for a seawall alternative or need to add structural support to an older seawall, rock revetment from Duncan Seawall is the best option. We have over three decades of experience with rock revetment in Florida and can handle your project whether you require 6 inch or 6-foot diameter rock for your project. From start to finish, you always get professional, long-lasting rock revetment results from Duncan Seawall.

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Choosing The Right Rocks for the Job

Rock revetments provide erosion control and protection for your waterfront property. The rock size used for the project depends on the exposure to wave action and the character of your shoreline landscape.


After examining your shoreline area, Duncan Seawall has a better idea of what you need and can start engineering and shaping your rock revetment project. Rock revetment is often one of the more affordable options for protecting your property from erosion.

Logistics of Rock Revetment Projects

If you have an existing seawall that needs extra support or want an alternative to a traditional seawall, you probably have many questions about what's involved with rock revetment. Duncan Seawall is happy to answer your questions and you can rest assured that we know what we're doing.


A rock revetment requires a permit and Duncan Seawall handles that as well as determining the rock diameter size your project needs. In canals, 6-12 inch diameter rock is usually sufficient, but on the gulf coast larger, 2+ foot diameter rock works better.


The most common rock used for rock revetment is Florida limestone, but other rocks are available upon request for a larger investment. The lineal footage of your shoreline and the height of the bank determine rock the project requires. Duncan Seawall can complete your rock revetment project in as little as three days under ideal conditions.


Dealing with a deteriorating seawall can be worrisome as can witnessing the erosion caused by wave action, but with a rock revetment from Duncan Seawall, you can protect and preserve your property and continue enjoying your amazing waterfront views in sunny Florida.


As the water levels keep rising and the boat traffic through the canals increases, it's vital that you preserve your property lines with some type of retaining structure and rock revetment is a faster, easier and more affordable option than a conventional seawall or in addition to an existing seawall.

Contact us today to get an inspection and estimate and start your rock revetment project.


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