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Enjoying Your Boat Lift Requires Motor Maintenance

by Duncan Seawall

If you're enjoying the ease of a motorized boat lift, you should have the equipment properly maintained to keep the lift operating for a long time. The motor, and its components, need a routine inspection and regular maintenance to keep it working efficiently. As with any motorized equipment, when parts are not well-maintained, accidents can happen.

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If you're experiencing problems when operating your lift, there might be problems you need to check for. Regular checkups are necessary because you may need proof of an annual, professional inspection, even if your motor is still under warranty.




Grease and Missing Teeth

It is important to regularly check and make sure the unit is properly greased to avoid problems. There should be grease inserts on the gear plate. If you are hearing a screeching noise, and you have sufficient grease applied, the lift could need adjustment. Also, remember to check for damage to any of the teeth.

Check Alignment

If your pilings are out of alignment, extra stress can be put on the lift and the motor. You should check the system's pulleys and cables for misalignment also, this will also place additional stress on the gear. Check the gear to make sure it is not out of alignment.

Appropriate Weight Matters

If you have changed to a heavier boat, be sure your lift system is approved to handle that weight. Incorrect weight can put a lot of stress on the entire lift system. Your motor should only carry the maximum weight it is designed to support.

Loosening of Parts

Over time, lots of factors can contribute to parts becoming loose.  Misalignment and any forceful impacts can cause the parts to move and become loose. Check for any missing parts such as nuts and bolts, and be sure to check the back collar.

Gear Position

If you have found any misalignment, it is very important to check the position of the gear. Make sure it is still in proper position, or the cables can become worn. If the flat plate's hole is out-of-round, you will have to replace this part.

Rust Signals Attention

Regularly inspect your motor for signs of rust. If you don't have a motor cover, you may experience more rust issues.


Our Team Offers the Best in Boat Lift Motors and Boat Lift Knowledge

Why worry? Let the team at Duncan Seawall, Dock, & Lift, LLC keep your lift working so you can enjoy stress-free boating.

Keeping Your Entire Boat Lift Maintained

The motor is a great feature, but it is just an added feature that makes using your boat lift easier. Duncan Seawall, Dock, & Lift, LLC can inspect and maintain your entire boat lift system every year to help you keep it in good working order.  We have made it easy for you to keep your boat lift maintained and properly working. Let our team take care of the annual maintenance to give you peace of mind.

New Boat Lift or Replacing Your Old One?

If you're looking to purchase your first boat lift, or you need to replace your old one, chat with us at Duncan Seawalls. We are proud to provide Golden Boat Lifts and to be one of their leading worldwide dealers. Every Golden Boat Lift comes with a Golden Sea Drive motor, one of the best on the market, that offers the quality needed to withstand the elements and water wear and tear.

Points to Consider in Florida

If you are new to Florida, there are a few factors to take into account before you install a boat lift. Our years of experience in marine construction in Florida goes back to 1979. We have the expertise to show you the best boat lift for your vessel and your location.


Duncan Seawall, Dock, & Boat Lift, LLC Offers Quality Work Backed by Experience

No matter what your boat lift needs are, motor, cables or the entire lift, call for quality work that you can depend upon in the Florida waters. We know how to navigate the waters of Florida, and we're always happy to hear from you. With 40 years of experience, we know our stuff, and would love to hear from you.


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