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Guide To When to Repair or Replace Your Dock

by Scott Myers

At Duncan Seawall, Dock and Boat Lift, LLC, we want to be the marine construction company our Southwest Florida neighbors trust and use to make their life around the water the best experience. We understand the investment homeowners, and businesses, make for a dock that will last.

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Replace or Repair the Dock

Unfortunately, boat docks brave all sorts of elements during their lifespan: constant moisture, Florida's heated rays of the sun, and beating waves during our periods of harsh storms. Over time, especially without regular maintenance, the look and the resilience can deteriorate. Extensive deterioration leads to an unsafe structure.  


It can be obvious that a boat dock replacement is necessary. In one of our earlier blogs, you will find how to determine when your dock is ready for replacement


An Aging Dock and Signs of Structural Damage

As we covered, not all docks are made alike, and the dock materials will greatly influence the lifespan of your dock. But, the signs will be there.

  • Cracks and warps can be a sign of structural damage. Pending on where and how much will determine the ability to repair or replace. 
  • Foundation deterioration can be extremely dangerous. In most cases, it points to total dock replacement.
  • The severity of rust in metal docks will determine if the dock's foundation remains safe.
  • Extensive rotting wood is a sign to replace the decking. Your pilings may be fine. Again, be sure to check for cracks and how deep they sit in the ground. Ground deterioration may leave them weakened and unsafe to support the decking, especially adding the additional weight of people. 

Common Dock Repairs

With regular inspection, you will find the problems to fix and repair. On ImproveNet, you will also find a great deal of information to help you make the right decisions. Some you may be able to do yourself, and others you will need the help of a professional. 


You want to be careful working with any electrical parts or tools around the water. At Duncan Seawall, Dock, and Boat Lift, LLC, we have a marine electrician division. When you're not sure, let us keep your dock maintained and repaired.

  • "Pilings and support cables under the water" 
  • "Dock bumpers, rusty nails, and ladders" 
  • "Decking boards"
  • "Floats" 
  • "Hardware"
  • "Barrels and rope under a floating dock" 
  • "Boat lifts

Replacing the Dock 

When it's time to replace your dock, take the time to learn the dock material options that are available to you. We have a guide on boat dock materials that will help you know all the options that are there, and we will help you understand the best options for your location.

Browse through our gallery of docks. Here, you can learn more about the maintenance of keeping the different deck types in their best condition.


The Importance of Dock Maintenance

Whether you repair or replace your dock, let's review how to maintain your boat dock. Don't let your investment sink in the mud. Research is easy to do, and Home Advisor is one place to see the average cost of maintaining or repairing your boat dock. The one thing you can always do is hire the Duncan team to do your annual maintenance or an annual inspection. 


It's Always an Honor to be Your Complete Marine Contractor 

With decades of dedication to many commercial and residential customers across Southwest Florida, our goal is to create, build, and maintain the best in marine construction. It is always important to the entire team at Duncan Seawall, Dock, and Boat Lift, LLC, that our customers know we always stand behind our work.


Call the Duncan team, and we'll help you make the right decision for your boat dock repairs or replacement. No matter the boat dock project, your call is always important to us. 

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