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Boating In, Around and From the Waters of Sarasota

by Scott Myers


Whether you own a boat, or you want to experience a short cruise on the water, Sarasota is a great location. With its central location along Florida's Gulf Coast, it is a perfect place for the boating lifestyle.

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Enjoying Water Excursions of Sarasota

Part of living in Sarasota is the excitement of taking a relaxing excursion around the Sarasota Bay area. Whether you want to explore or dine, there is something for everyone. From dolphin watching to sunset cruising, you may want to experience them all.

Boating Around Sarasota

You don't have to own a boat to enjoy cruising the waters around Sarasota. At Marina Jack, you can rent a boat to go exploring thru Bayfront Excursion. Be sure you know all the FAQs before you make a reservation. You can even hire a captain to do all the navigating. You can sit back and enjoy the adventure.

For those boat owners wanting to know where to enjoy boating around Sarasota, check out Sarasota County's boating and paddling information. You can find the parks where you can launch your boat.

Boating Adventures Leaving the Waters of Sarasota

Sarasota's central location makes it easy to take those weekend trips along Florida's Gulf Coast. There are marinas where you can dock or moor out for the evening to enjoy wonderful restaurants and events. You can discover marinas all over the state of Florida on Florida by Water. This site has divided The Sunshine State into easy navigational sections. You will love the navigational directions that give you the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) markers.

Not only does Florida by Water give you fun information about parades and tropical drinks, but you also get vital boating information. The LINKS page offers educational direction for all boaters. You even get the CHARTS you need to navigate the Florida waters. As every experienced boater knows, it is imperative to be educated and prepared for the unexpected when you are on the water.

The BLOG page on Florida by Water also offers additional information that can help you with boating around Florida.

  • Did you happen to get your first boat? If you haven't quite organized everything you should have, this blog guides you on the important boating items and knowledge. Advanced technology has brought emergency location devices for land and water. Found on BoatU.S., you can understand why it is a smart idea to invest in a personal locator beacon (PLB). Safety is a top priority for the boating lifestyle. The better prepared you are, the more you will enjoy life on the water.
  • It's exciting to see that Sarasota is noted to be a top boating destination for boaters.

Welcome to the Sarasota Boating Lifestyle!

If you are ready to begin enjoying the boating lifestyle of Sarasota and beyond, the team at Duncan Seawall, Dock &  Boat Lift, LLC is here to help. With the experience that spans four decades, we have the knowledge and expert skill in marine construction for residential and commercial customers. No matter the size, there is never a job too small or too big. We are always excited to help Floridians enjoy life on and around the water. Your questions are always welcomed.

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