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The Most Popular Dock Accessories

by Duncan Seawall

Whether spending your summer boating, fishing, or swimming, a dock is crucial for your everyday waterfront activities. Incorporating the necessary dock accessories is a great way to transform your boat dock, opening up unlimited possibilities for enjoyment, recreation, safety, and security. But what are the best boat accessories to include on your dock? Here are the most popular boat accessories to enhance your dock.

1. Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers provide the utmost protection to your boat and dock, since the boat can run into the dock through a driving error or a strong current. Installing dock bumpers can minimize damage, as the smallest impacts can result in hundreds of dollars in repairs. 

2. Dock Cleats

Sturdy boat cleats are essential in your dock to help secure your boat securely and safely. Ensure to install strong cleats that can handle large loads and are sufficient for the line. Generally, the docking line should measure 1/8 inch in diameter for every nine feet of boat length, while the clean should be one inch for every 1/16 inch of line diameter.

3. Dock Lighting

Dock lights are crucial safety features, even when you prefer using your dock during the day. These accessories protect your dock from hazards at night and also play a crucial role in lighting your dock when using it early morning or evening.

4. Dock Storage Boxes

Your recreational water activities, the boat, and other equipment require various necessities such as life vests and ropes. Having dock storage boxes ensures you have everything you need close and within your dock. In addition, it eliminates the need for hauling essentials back and forth between outings.

5. Dock Ladders

Swim ladders are essential in your dock, making it easy to get in and out of the water or boat. In addition, it makes the water easily accessible and safe to climb out, especially when swimming with your family. Dock ladders come in various materials and styles and are easily installed.

6. Fishing Accessories

Fishing accessories like a fish cleaning table, fishing rod holders, and other fishing supplies are crucial in your dock. This makes fishing easygoing and more enjoyable, especially when fishing right from your dock. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast or more casual about the sport, including fishing accessories in your dock can make the experience more exciting.

7. Outdoor Seating

Benches or wooden chairs are a staple dock addition if you enjoy outdoor hangouts, late-night stargazing, or watching the sunset. However, it is essential to consider your dock's size and how you will use your seating to choose the right seating fixtures. This helps secure your seating against blowing or falling into the water during extreme weather.

8. Piling Caps

Piling caps may seem like additions to make pilings more attractive, but they are a crucial accessory in your dock. The caps protect pilings from sun and water damage, including warding off perching birds. Since pilings are the foundation of your dock, protecting them helps extend their lifespan, keeping them safe while reducing maintenance costs.

9. Power Pedestals

Your dock requires a secure source of electricity, and a power pedestal is a perfect addition to avoid a dozen extension cables running from your garage to your dock. These accessories can power your entire dock, from a full yacht to other personal motorboats and smaller devices. It also allows you to have a safe and reliable electrical system, making your docking experience convenient and comfortable.

Dock accessories are a great investment in your dock and your boat. There are many options to choose from, and you can add the ones you want over time. Trying out different accessories and seeing how they perform is one way to approach improving your dock. If you are interested in making any upgrades to your dock make sure you contact Duncan Seawall!


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