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Benefits of a Hands-On Design Process with Dock and Boat Lift Projects

by Scott Myers

Having a dock and boat lift installed or upgraded will greatly enhance the value of waterfront property, both visually, operationally, and financially. This makes the design process critical for owners to realize their visions and expectations. In an effort to help, let's examine the benefits of a hands-on design process with dock and boat lift projects.

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Real-Life Experience 


Being invited into the design process by the dock and boat lift design and construction service will help owners gain the real-life experience needed to make optimal choices with:

Making the right choices with these factors is critical for optimal results. When owners are able to touch, feel, and see dock and boat lift materials and equipment first-hand, they'll have a better idea of what to expect with end results. This means using a service that offers an optimal hands-on real-life experience with the design process is key.


Expands Options and Possibilities

Owners of waterfront properties have varying levels of expertise and experience with the type of specialty structures contained on them, such as seawalls, private docks, and boat lifts. Even with a fair amount of experience and expertise, owners will benefit by exploring their options and possibilities with dock and boat lift projects.


Being involved in the design process helps expand the options and possibilities owners are aware of, giving them the ideal space to envision the project and the materials on a deeper level than online. This may result in adding or taking away project details critical to getting optimal results, such as:

  • size or type of boat lifts
  • color of materials
  • the consistency of materials under weather conditions (take samples home)
  • optimal design alterations for expanded functionality
  • added stability and durability
  • enhanced aesthetics
  • integration with other projects

Hands-on experience with the design process will help owners explore their options in more depth and get optimal results. From simple designs for smaller power boats on residential properties to multi-slip dock designs for luxury yachts on commercial properties, owners will benefit by exploring the options and possibilities available with dock and boat lift projects.


Ensures Expectations are Met

Most importantly, being involved with the design process and having hands-on real-life experience with the products, materials, and process involved ensures expectations will be met for owners. This is important, as they'll be using these docks and boat lifts for years and decades to come.


Ultimately, owners want to avoid finding out after the project's completion that they prefer a different material or design for their docks and boat lifts. Hands-on real-life experience with the design process eliminates these bad surprises by giving owners the understanding of exactly what the end results will be. This helps to alleviate any unnecessary upgrades and disappointments down the road.    



From the initial installation or upgrade idea to the final result, the design process is the most critical phase of dock and boat lift projects. This is when the materials, equipment, and design is selected for soon-to-be completed projects. This is why using a design and construction service that offers a hands-on experience with the design process is key for optimal results.

The good news for residents of Southwest Florida is Duncan Seawall Dock & Boat Lift offers clients a hands-on experience with our design process. In addition to being Florida's largest residential marine contractor since 1979, clients are offered to participate in the design process in our optimized design center, where they'll have the chance to explore and take home decking samples and paint palettes, work with a regional sales manager, and participate in the design process. If interested in learning more please contact us today.

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