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5 Reasons Why Underwater Fishing Lights Help You Catch More Fish

by Duncan Seawall

An increased number of fishermen are looking for underwater fishing lights that will allow them to increase safety on the water and increase the number of fish they catch. Some fishermen, however, still haven't had that great experience. If you're wondering what the hype is with underwater fishing lights and how they can transform your fishing experience, check out these five reasons why underwater fishing lights could help you catch more fish.

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1. Fishing Lights Attract Zooplankton.

These tiny creatures are quickly attracted to the fishing lights on your boat or dock. Once the prey is there, the predators that eat them will quickly follow. Zooplankton are common prey for a range of bait fish, which then attracts larger fish, and eventually leaves you in a great position for an excellent catch.

2. You Can Set Underwater Fishing Lights Where it's Most Convenient for You.

If you're going to use a fishing light to attract fish, you want to anchor your boat and ensure that you won't move anywhere, any time soon. It’s important to stay patient and allow the food chain reaction to occur. From there, you can shift your underwater fishing light to a position that's most convenient for you. Ideally, you want to hang it a few feet below your boat, but not all the way towards bottom. You can fish directly in the light from your fishing light or move your fishing efforts to the periphery of the light, where some light-shy fish are more likely to gather.

3. Underwater Fishing Lights are Designed to Be Rugged.

They're tough enough to stand up to the difficult conditions that they could face underwater, which means that you won't have to worry about taking on damage and ending your fishing experience too soon. These lights are built strong, so they can handle changing tides, bumps and bangs from fish and underwater debris, and other conditions. That means that you'll be able to stay out on the water for longer and bring in more fish.

4. Game Fish Get the Advantage at Night.

They're faster than the bait fish and plankton attracted by your underwater fishing light, which makes it difficult for the bait fish to escape. That means that your fishing light will create ideal circumstances for the game fish that you want to bring home with you. Excited by all of the other bait fish in the water, they're more likely to fail to notice the hook awaiting them in your bait--and that means a better haul for you.

5. Submersible Lights Can Help You Stay on the Water Longer.

Floating lights, which rest on top of the water, often attract swarms of bugs along with the fish you want. By using submersible fishing lights, on the other hand, you'll be able to keep the light under the water, where it won't attract as many insects to your position.


That means a longer stretch of time that you can spend out on the water without having to worry that you're going to end up eaten alive by insects--or, in some cases, spend the entire night chasing them away from you.

Underwater fishing lights are designed to help make night fishing a more enjoyable, fruitful experience.


When you head out on a fishing trip, you want to bring back as many fish as possible. Underwater fishing lights help make that possible for you--without increasing your discomfort by drawing insects to the area where you're fishing. Underwater fishing lights are effective in most fishing conditions and are extremely effective when they don't have to compete with the sun to sweeten the lure, making them an excellent choice for sport fishermen who are up before the sun or headed out late for their fishing experience.

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