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Golden Boat Lifts for All of Your Water Sport Activities: Boats, Jet Skis and Kayaks

by Scott Myers

When you live by the water, you want to spend as much time enjoying it as possible. Favorite water activities such as boating, jet skiing and kayaking all benefit when you use Golden Boat Lifts. Keeping your water recreation vehicles easy to access and safe when not in use is the ultimate goal of a quality boat lift.

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Cleaner vehicles

Leaving your boat, kayak or jet skis in the water all the time subjects them to water hazards. Hazards such as algae, salt water erosion and other elements can soil and damage the exterior of your water recreation vehicle. With a Golden Boat Lift installed by Duncan Seawall, your water vehicles remain safely out of the water when not in use and require less cleaning and repairs. Using a boat lift enables you to just place your vehicle into the water and go without extensive prep in the water before or after.


Storms can wreak havoc on waterfront property and any water vessels you leave in the water. Using a boat lift keeps your boat, jet ski or kayak from banging up against the dock, which can damage the boat and the dock. Securing your watercraft in a Golden Boat Lift before a storm keeps it safe from waves and water damage. It also prevents it from breaking loose from a dock tie and drifting away.

Kayak Launch

If you love kayaking but your waterfront property doesn't have a kayak launch area, a Kayak Launch by Golden Boat Lifts is the ideal solution. The unit installs easily on a dock and features stainless steel cables and welded aluminum for durable, convenient launching. The launch system adjusts to various kayak widths and has a brake winch to control movement up and down. The launch also adapts to changing water levels and supports kayaks up to 100 pounds. When you're boarding your kayak, the Kayak Launch has grab rails the provide stability and safety.

One of the biggest benefits of living by the water, whether it’s the ocean, lake or waterway, is the ability to enjoy water recreation via boats, kayaks and personal watercraft. Golden Boat Lifts offer a wide variety of dock solutions and boat lifts to ensure that you always have easy, safe access to your recreational water vehicles. Contact Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift to learn more about these high-quality lifts.

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