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Boat Lift Design Ideas For Your Waterfront Home in Venice, FL

by Duncan Seawall

Boat lifts make it easier for waterfront property owners to quickly and easily launch their boats into the beautiful open waters of Venice Beach. But they also allow owners to safely store their boats out of the water and get easy access for to inspections, cleaning, and maintenance.


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Designing your boat lift is all about customizing the construction of your boat and your waterfront property's surrounding environment. Waterfront real estate owners have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the ideal boat lift design.


Here are a few key boat lift design ideas and construction concepts to keep in mind:


Boat Lift Hull Design Ideas: Sling v.s. Cradle

How your boat is launched into and raised from the water will largely depend on the layout of your waterfront property. Here are two popular hull options for your boat lift design:

  • Sling: If your waterfront is on the more shallow shorelines of Venice then using a sling lift will allow for more flexibility when docking.


  • Cradle: Most boat lifts in Venice use a cradle which is designed to your boat's shape and allows it to rest within a sturdy cradle as it is lifted out of the water.


Boat Lift17-min



How Big to Design Your Boat Lift Hull

Once you've chosen the style of the hull, you'll need to decide how big it will need to be. When choosing the size of your hull you need to base your decision on the length, width, and weight of your boat.


Before construction begins, consider whether you might want a bigger boat in the future. If so, choose your hull and lift beams based on the weight and size of your future boat so you don't have to, once again, reconstruct your boat lift when you finally get your new boat.





Design Materials

Once you have an idea of the length and width of your boat lift design, it's time to consider the materials you'll need to support your boat's weight. Lift beams are usually made from either aluminum or galvanized steel, but for a boat lift in the corrosive salt water of Venice, aluminum is the best option.




Because galvanized steel has a zinc coating it corrodes faster in Venice's marine environment. On the other hand, aluminum lift beams are perfect for a Venice boat lift design! Not only is aluminum resistant to water corrosion and more durable, but it's also, a great thermal conductor, flexible, lightweight, and the cheaper option.



Bringing Your Boat Lift Design Ideas Together

Now that you've chosen the size, materials, and style, you'll need a plan for bringing the boat lift construction together. This is where the debate between welded and bolted boat lifts comes in.


According to marine construction experts, bolted boat lifts are far more vulnerable to corrosion. "Drilled aluminum holes with stainless steel bolts through them become pitted and weakened when in saltwater. Left unattended this will cause a failure," says Golden Boat Lifts, the largest boat lift manufacturer in the world.




On the other hand, some claim that welded boat lifts aren't as strong as bolted boat lifts. But, if welded properly, the materials become stronger in the heat-tempering process and will never corrode, crack, or break.


Because the process requires high-quality equipment and skilled craftsmen, the process is more expensive compared to bolting. However, the long-term costs of repairing a bolted structure outweigh the price of a welded boat lift.

For more boat lift design ideas for waterfront properties in Venice, download our complete guide to boat lifts. Once you've gathered boat lift design ideas, Duncan Seawall's marine contractors are ready with the high-quality tools and skilled craftsmen you need to start building your Venice boat lift. 

Complete Guide to Boat Lifts

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