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Concrete Seawalls vs. Vinyl Seawalls for Your Florida Home

by Duncan Seawall

As a property owner, protecting your investment and keeping it beautiful is always a part of the package when you're looking for ways to improve your landscape. Waterfront properties are particularly beautiful, but they also come with their own special challenges. If you're trying to weigh the options between a concrete seawall vs. a vinyl seawall, give these tips some consideration:

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Different Types of Seawalls


Concrete vs. Vinyl Seawalls

Two of the most often used types of seawalls are concrete and vinyl. Though they both complete the same job of protecting a waterfront property, they have a lot of differences, and picking which is right for you depends on a lot of factors.


Concrete is a material that's known for withstanding the elements and coming out on top. Throughout time, concrete seawalls have set the standard in terms of long-term durability and long-lasting and effective shoreline protection.



Vinyl seawalls may be fine for small projects, but if you're reinforcing the investment of a large property, whether it's commercial or residential, vinyl can't often stand up to its concrete competitor.


If huge undertakings such as the Tsunami seawall in Japan are best built with concrete, any other project can stand up to the test when it's enforced with concrete.



In general, concrete seawalls are built with the expectation to last twenty to thirty years without needing any attention, although many concrete seawalls that were built in the 1970s and before are still standing strong, thus exceeding their life expectancies.

concrete seawall vs vinyl seawall


With today's technology and engineering, an anticipated thirty-year life span could easily turn into a half-century without any problems. If the debate of concrete seawalls vs. vinyl seawalls is part of your everyday conversation, maybe it's time to consult with an expert. Our team at Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift is here to help!


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