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Golden Boat Lifts: How Big of a Boat Can a Lift Support?

by Duncan Seawall

If you own a boat or pontoon, you should make sure to research and choose a lift that can support its weight. Boat lifts are not as glamorous as the vessels themselves, but they make all the difference as far as enjoying the beach life is concerned.

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Only a few boat owners use their vessels every day. Nonetheless, it's highly likely that the boats are always at sea. Elements such as waves, wind, and wake interact with your vessel every day. Therefore, it needs a lift that will not only support it but also offer protection against the elements of the sea.


Without the right lift, your watercraft could be in jeopardy. So, when choosing a boat lift, the most pertinent thing to do is to ensure you select one whose size is appropriate for your vessel. You must first know your watercraft's beam and overall weight. This way, you'll be able to choose a lift with the correct cradle weight and weight capacity.



Boat Lifts By Capacity

Generally, boat lifts differ by their capacity. This is the most important parameter to keep in mind when purchasing a lift. Here's a review of boat lifts according to their load capacity.


2,000 lb. Hydraulic Lifts

These boat lifts are suitable for small fishing boats, personal watercraft, rigid-hull inflatables, and small jet boats. Typically, they are made from aluminum and can lift vessels that are up to 14 feet long.


3,000 lb. Capacity Double PWC Lifts

As the name suggests, these lifts are suitable for personal watercraft and other mid-sized boats. They are suitable for shallow water bodies and can lift vessels whose hulls are up to 22 feet long.


4,500 lb. Hydraulic Lifts

Often, these lifts are used for bass boats, deck boats, skiffs, and ski boats. The 4,500 lb. hydraulic lifts are built from aluminum and are perfect for lakes that need seasonal installation and removal. They lift boats that are up to 22 feet long.


6,700 lb. Hydraulic Lifts

These aluminum hydraulic lifts can support boats that are up to 24 feet long. They are popular for surf boats, wakeboard boats, inshore fishing boats, day cruisers, and pontoon boats.


7,000 lb. Hydraulic Lifts

These lifts are made from steel and are suitable for small offshore fishing boats, pontoon boats, small runabout vessels, and large wakeboard boats. Similarly, the lifts work with various adjustable bunks. They support boats with a maximum length of 26 feet long.


8,000 lb. Hydraulic Lift

If you own a boat with a maximum hull length of 26 feet, the 8,000 lb. hydraulic steel lift is great for you. This lift offers greater rigidity and also works with a wider variety of adjustable bunks.


10,000 lb. Hydraulic Lifts

These lifts are suitable for large runabout vessels, pilothouse boats, heavier offshore fishing boats, cabin cruisers, and cuddy cabins. They can support boats with a hull length of up to 28 feet.


12,000 lb. Hydraulic Lifts

Often, these steel lifts are used for larger cabin cruisers, runabouts, and cuddy cabins. They come with fully adjustable bunks that provide 14 feet of support on each side of your boat's hull. Similarly, the lifts offer extra keel board support. They can lift boats with a hull length of up to 32 feet.

Duncan Seawall is the leading supplier and installer of boat lifts in Florida. The company installs lifts that look not only good but also stay strong for years. Apart from the aforementioned lifts, you can also get 18,000, 24,000, and 36,000 lb. lifts, as well as custom 50,000 lb. hydraulic lifts. Contact the company today for a lift that best suits your watercraft.


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