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The Benefits of Storing Your Boat on a Boat Lift

by Duncan Seawall

You invest hard-earned time and money into the maintenance of your boat to keep it functional and attractive. But, sometimes you wonder how you could spend more of your boat time out on the water rather than doing maintenance. Why not stretch that maintenance routine a bit farther?


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By storing your boat on a lift, you will gain valuable time back on the water. A boat lift minimizes maintenance to save you time and money in the long haul. A boat lift also keeps your boat ready to go at a moment's notice, so you can step aboard and enjoy the great blue yonder! 


Protect the Hull of Your Boat

Your boat's hull is protected from the marine environment by a thick coating of anti-fouling, bottom paint. Anti-fouling paints deter growth on the hull by creating an uninviting surface for algae, barnacles, and other marine organisms. Bottom paints are available in a variety of types at great expense, typically selected based on the material of the hull and the duration of time the boat spends in the water.


If your boat remains in the water for only short periods of time or is stored on a boat lift, you might avoid the use of anti-fouling paint. A boat stored out of water needs only a good wash-down and occasional wax to maintain a clean, slick hull. By not using anti-fouling paint, you become an environmentally friendly boat owner. You also improve your boat's gas mileage. Launch a smooth hull from a boat lift and your boat will glide effortlessly through the water.  


Prevent Corrosion and Osmosis on Your Boat

Aluminum boats and steel boats are most susceptible to corrosion when they are in the water. Particularly in salt water, both aluminum and steel are at risk of corrosive damage called electrolysis due to stray electrical current in the water interacting with the metal.


If you store your aluminum or steel boat on a boat lift, you eliminate the electrical connection to the metal and significantly reduce the risk of corrosion. 


GRP boats are not completely waterproof. Although this sounds counterintuitive, the resin has very fine micro-cracks and the laminate contains tiny voids.


Over time, as a GRP boat sits in the water, water enters very slowly through micro-cracks and fills these voids. Water reacts with the GRP compounds and builds pressure in the void. This process of osmosis, also called bubbling or blistering, can damage the hull of a GRP boat. If your boat is stored on a boat lift, you dramatically reduce the risk of osmosis. A boat lift also protects any underwater metal components of a GRP boat that are susceptible to corrosion. 


Know Your Boat is Secure

As a boat owner, you always keep one eye on the weather forecast. You worry about how your boat will fare in various wind and water conditions, especially if your boat is fastened to a dock or tied to a mooring line. Will your boat be damaged by the effects of swell rolling through the marina? Will your boat break free from the mooring line?


Clear your mind from worry by storing your boat on a boat lift. On a boat lift, the water level does not change and the waves do not intensify. Your boat is secure! A boat lift keeps your boat out of harm's way, without risk of damage from floating debris or renegade neighboring boats. Gain peace of mind with a boat lift.


Easily Step Aboard Whenever You Need It

No more dinghies. No more wading through variable water depths with the changing tides. No more balancing on one leg over an unsteady lifeline or rail. With a boat lift, you can easily walk down your dock and step aboard an immobile boat from solid ground. Get ready to step aboard with more time on the water afforded by a boat lift. 

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