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8 Boat Safety Tips to Keep Your Dock And Boat In Pristine Condition

by Scott Myers

Dock and BoatOwning waterfront property with a dock and boat requires responsibility to protect your investment. Here are some boat safety tips to help you keep your dock and boat lift in top condition.

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1. Covering Your Boat
Placing a plastic tarp over your boat is not always sufficient protection from strong winds or stormy weather. Stronger canvas material combined with a wood or aluminum frame with vents in the cover is a more reliable solution.

2. Boat Lift Cables
Check your boat lift cables periodically to make sure there aren't any weak spots. Keeping them clean from dirt and debris will help them last longer.

3. Mooring Techniques
The boat should always be moored in a proper place secured by dock lines and bolted cleats. Twin bow lines can be used to help keep the vessel centered while tied to the slip.

4. Proper Docking Techniques
One of the most essential boat safety tips is docking your boat properly, which involves planning ahead based on tide and wind conditions and stopping a good distance from the dock. Always approach the dock slowly before arriving sideways and connecting lines to cleats.

5. Hard Landings
In the case when landing is harder than expected, suspend fenders at contact points. Make sure passengers
are warned to keep their arms and legs inside the boat and never allow a passenger to act as a fender.

6. Learn Bowline
It's important to know effective knot tying that is easy to untie in the event of a quick release.

7. Check Your Radio
Make sure the antenna connector on the radio isn't stretched, which often causes radio failure. Scrub away any corrosion.

8. Safety Check
Get a free boat spot check from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary in your region. They can give you a list of things that need to be fixed to meet safety standards.

Sarasota Coast Guard: (941) 366­-5595

For more tips on boat and dock maintenance, contact Duncan Seawall or visit our Design Center if you're planning a dock remodel!

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