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Dock and Electrical DesignTips For Your Venice, Fl Waterfront Property

by Duncan Seawall

Electrical Design and Construction TipsDock and electrical designs should be both functional and aesthetically fashionable. Boat owners' needs are varied based on a number of elemental, location, and personal factors which means that, as the property owner, you have the ability to install features that fit your personal situation.

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Here are some dock and electrical design tips to consider when you're considering constructing a new feature on your property.

Consider Safety Features
Safety comes in the form of both dock and electrical design on the water. Handrails, ladders, and dock step
downs help to solidify the safety of people who may be on your dock while various lighting features will help illuminate the structure at night, helping to prevent accidental slips into the water below. If you have children on your property, you may wish to consider adding additional safety features for peace­ of­ mind. Discuss your concerns with our staff so we can help you design the safest possible construction for your family's needs.

Factor in Function
Lighting can change the entire look, feel, and function of your dock. Consider what you'll be using your dock space for, then design from that idea. Will you be fishing at night? Underwater fish lights are a popular addition fro our customers who enjoy baiting the line under the light of the moon. Are you concerned about security? Security lights and faux cameras are common purchases many of our customers make when they
want to feel a little safer.

As you're researching designs, keep likely candidates somewhere that's easily accessible. When you choose a marine contractor, bring these images with you, and be sure you explain what attracted you to each design.

For more examples of our great dock and electrical designs, check out our project gallery and visit our Design Center!

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