Duncan Seawall Dock & Boat Lift

Is it Time to Get a New Dock?

Docks provide enjoyable access to fishing, swimming, or boating and add value to your property. Over time, however, exposure to water and sunlight can cause problems that could compromise its safety...

5 Commercial Marine Construction FAQs

If you’re involved in a marine construction project for your waterfront property, here are some construction FAQs (frequently asked questions) you or your supervisors may have:

Marine Construction Project Gallery in Venice, Florida

Marine construction comes in many forms and functions. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what you really need until you can see the finished product, but you can't have a finished product until you've...

Boating Laws in the State of Florida

If you own or operate a boat in the state of Florida, it’s important to know the boating laws that you need to follow.

Why Seawalls Fail and How it Can Impact Selling Your Home

Seawalls are one of the single most expensive aspects of a waterfront property. The seawall must withstand some of the most brutal conditions of any structure built today. Cracking, bowing, or...

Dock Installation Sarasota, Florida

Customer service and delivering a quality product are among Duncan Seawall's top priorities. Here is another great review from great clients about their recent dock construction: