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Failing Seawalls Continued: How They Can Impact Selling Your Home

by Scott Myers

Seawalls are a major contributing factor to your home's value. If your seawall is ineffective or compromised because of cracking, leaning, bowing, or another issue, it can make it more difficult or even impossible to sell your home. Here are a few more potential issues you may see with your seawall and what the recommended course of action is.

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Seawall Cap Problems

Cracking of the seawall cap, panels, and bowing of the seawall indicate complete failure of the wall. Complete seawall replacement is necessary.

 Plastic Shrinkage Cracks

These cracks are typically referred to as "plastic shrinkage cracks" and are only on the surface. When concrete cures, it heats up and therefore expands. Upon cooling, these cracks appear. These cracks are simply cosmetic with no structural deficiencies.

Pin Pilings on Seawall 

Pin pilings have been installed in front of an existing seawall with auxiliary tiebacks. These are installed in an attempt to prevent the wall from any additional shifting. Every time a representative from Duncan Seawall sees this, we will recommend contacting a structural engineer. 

If you notice any of these problems with your seawall or something else you are unsure about, contact Duncan Seawall and we'll send someone to your home for a free inspection. 

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