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Golden Boat Lifts: “Sea-Drive” vs. Flat Plate Drive

by Duncan Seawall

When owning a boat, you want to have the most reliable boat lift.  However, your boat lift is only as good as the drives that operate it. The most common boat lift drives for years have been “Flat Plate” drives. These drives were great in the past when most boats were smaller and lighter.

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The Benefits of a Golden Sea-Drive

Now with today’s technology and advancements in design, boats are becoming bigger and heavier to accommodate the wants and needs of today’s avid boaters and fishermen. 


Duncan Seawall installs Golden Boat Lifts, the most advanced boat lifts in the world, and has been named Golden’s number one worldwide dealer every year for the past decade. The Golden Sea-Drive was introduced to drive boat lifts required to support boats 12,000 lbs. or larger, but still can be used for smaller lifts.


How Golden Sea-Drives Work

The Golden Sea-Drive accomplishes this by providing the following:

• An aluminum die-cast enclosure to protect it from the harsh elements on the water

• Housing Dual Worm Gear Reducers to eliminate back drive

• An oversized 5/8" hardened drive pin with a "5" cross bolt connected directly to the boat lift drive shaft to withstand over 8000 inch pounds of torque

• A high-speed gear set at 5:1 for high efficiency

• A low-speed gear set at a high-ratio (96:1) to prevent back drifting.


Duncan Seawall: A Golden Boat Lifts Dealer in Southwest Florida

That’s why the Golden Sea-Drive is the most reliable boat lift drive and #1 choice among boat owners. Please contact Duncan Seawall to have your new boat lift installed with Golden’s Sea-Drive motors today!


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