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Trex Decks: Florida Deck Rebuilding vs Resurfacing

by Scott Myers

So you've already enjoyed years of benefits from your Florida deck, with plenty of family barbecues and sunset hangouts along the way. Unfortunately, such enjoyment often does quite the wear and tear on most decks, especially wooden ones, and as your Florida deck begins showing its age you're likely to wonder whether it's time to resurface or rebuild.

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Trex decking is one of the best materials you can use to both rebuild or resurface an older wooden deck. Resurfacing by putting on fresh Trex deck boards over your current studs is a great way to rejuvenate the look of your deck, and as an extension the whole of your backyard, without making too costly an investment. After all, why not work with and improve what you already have?

The Best Reasons to Resurface:

Flexibility to focus.  
Maybe you just want to add a more contemporary style of railing, or want to enjoy the smoother finish of Trex decking boards. If your main goal is focusing on minor repairs and additions, then resurfacing is a great way to keep what's great and just improve upon it.

Big savings.  
Resurfacing with Trex decking is an ideal way to save money while still putting new life into your outdoor addition. Plus, while you enjoy savings in the short-term, the fresh look will also go a long ways in boosting your home's overall value.

However, if what you have isn't looking too good- maybe you're dealing with soft spots and rotten timber supports- then it might be time to consider tearing out the whole deck and rebuilding with more reliable Trex decking. If you have the time and the money, then we recommend getting rid of all of the questionable old boards and starting fresh with Trex decking.

The Best Reasons to Rebuild:

Complete freedom to redesign.  
Once you've set your old wooden boards ablaze in a farewell bonfire, you can start with whole new design possibilities. Maybe you want a wider deck to make room for that new grille, or perhaps you're thinking about adding a curved railing for a more cohesive look. Whatever your desire, it's not a problem as this is your opportunity to redesign and rebuild.

Stronger from the ground up.  
If you have any questionable framing materials, then you'll want to do a complete rebuild. Even the highest quality deck rails will fail if they're mounted to rotten framing.

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