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The Top 10 Most Popular Dock Accessories

by Scott Myers

If you have a dock of your own or are looking into outfitting yourself with one, the chances are you will want a variety of attractive and functional dock accessories to complement it. Docks are where it all happens for the boat owner, and functional utility, safety, and security are important aspects to consider. Dock accessories will make your dock come to life and make it much more useful, efficient, and safe.

The modern dock owner has many needs, and with the right accessories, they can be prepared to handle them properly. Let's take a look at which accessories are commonly found on better docks:

Dock Lights

Many boaters use their watercraft in the evening hours, and dock lights are an essential safety feature that lights up your dock area, making it easier to see your boat and dock and operate boats while avoiding dangers.


Security cameras can be installed in your dock area to provide a layer of protection for your boat and you, as well as your dock accessories. Cameras are an important accessory that permits the protection of your property and keep you safe from intruders as well.

Boat Lifts

Boat lifts will allow you to protect your boat from storms and hull damage, and will also prevent boat thieves from stealing your boat. 

Storage Spaces

Storage spaces can be installed that provide secure storage of personal belongings, gear, and valuables in your dock area. Storage spaces can be equipped with locks for extra security.


Hoses are a great accessory that allows you to wash your boat and keep it clean, as well as hose down your dock area after fishing or working. Hoses can be used in the event of fires as well, and installing hoses makes it much safer if accidents occur.

Fishing Accessories 

You can install fishing accessories on your dock that make fishing easier and more enjoyable. There is a wide range of accessories as of lights, fish cleaning tables, fishing rod holders, etc. Fishing from your dock can be just as enjoyable as fishing from a boat. 

Aluminum Ladders

An aluminum step ladder is essential for many docks. This accessory allows boaters and their guests to enter and exit their boats with ease and safety. They can also make it fun to work on boats or get in and out of the water if you are using your dock for swimming.


These accessories provide protection to the surfaces of boats and will prevent damage to boats during storms or rough weather. These rubber devices act as a buffer between the poles of your dock and boats themselves.

Piling Caps

These handy accessories are attractive and will provide an aesthetic solution to cover up the tops of dock posts.

Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Railings along your dock will often rot or decay over time when made of wood. They can also give way when heavy pressure is placed upon them. When you are using stainless steel railings, rust and corrosion do not take place, and they can withstand extremely heavy pressure quite easily.   
Dock accessories are a great investment in your dock and your boat. There are many options to choose from, and you can add the ones you want over time. Trying out different accessories and seeing how they perform is one way to approach improving your dock.

Boat owners who own their own docks usually take great pride in their watercraft and their docks. Some dock accessories will allow you to show off your boat and dock and provide safety to you and your guests.

Boats are extremely fun, but they are also very expensive. Safeguarding your boat while making it easier to use and more functional is wise. Adding dock accessories to your dock will provide many benefits and ultimately make it more enjoyable to use your boat.

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