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How Long Does it Take to Replace a Commercial Seawall in Florida?

by Duncan Seawall

CommercialSeawall.pngThere is no single timeframe for building a commercial seawall in Florida. From the design and consultation process, through to completion, Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift has the resources and equipment for seawalls of any size.

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Consultation and Design

While the consultation and design processes take place before construction begins, you should consider them as part of the full process. During this phase, your marine contractor will gather the information needed to complete the job for you, including the scale of your project, materials needed, and the equipment required.

Permitting and Inspections

Getting the permits and passing inspections as the job progresses will also require some time. Working with a marine construction professional who has many years of on the job experience can help alleviate some permitting issues. Your marine contractor should be very familiar with the permits that are necessary for your job and what code requirements must be met to avoid any further delays.

Type of Materials Used

There are several types of materials available for seawall construction (concrete, vinyl, wood, steel, composite, and aluminum) and the installation time will vary per the materials being used. It is important to note that the material should not be chosen to make the job go faster, but for the longevity desired and the aesthetic appeal.  Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift

Size of Seawall

Regardless of the size of your project, it is important to work with a marine contractor in Southwest Florida who has the resources and equipment to accommodate your project. On larger projects, the work can be divided into phases along the length of the seawall to complete the job more quickly.

As the Southwest Florida leader in marine construction Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, we have over 35 years of experience and the land or water based equipment to get your project approved and completed. To get a more accurate idea of the time your project requires, please contact us for a professional estimate.

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