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Four Commonly Asked Questions About Your New Seawall in Sarasota

by Duncan Seawall

New Seawall SarasotaIf you've recently built a new seawall in Sarasota, you're probably wondering what the future will hold for your new investment. At Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, we're very conscious of our consumers' questions, which is why we've created this FAQs guide for people who have recently installed a seawall.

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1. How Will I Know When My Seawall Is Eroding?
Since you've built a new seawall in Sarasota, you shouldn't have to worry about erosion for a long time. Generally speaking, the life expectancy of seawalls in Florida is around thirty years minimum, so, if you've chosen the right contractor, you have many years of worry­ free reinforcement before you.

Older seawall construction consisted solely of rebar and concrete without a lot of ingenuity on the forefront. If your seawall is aged, you may want to look for rust­-colored cracks, as this may be indicative of invasive salt­ water corrosion in need of immediate attention.

2. Will the Sun Affect the Effectiveness of My New Seawall in Sarasota?
We live in The Sunshine State, which means we understand the effects that UV damage can have on your investment in a seawall. It doesn't matter if you've chosen concrete, corrugated materials, vinyl, or any of the other options available on the market, if you've chosen to build your seawall with Duncan, you're protected from any harm the sun could inflict on your property.

3. What Types of Damage Do Seawalls Incur?
The elements will be the biggest opponent to your seawall, but if you've hired the right marine contractor, your wall will be able to withstand heavy rain and hydrostatic pressure without allowing buildup behind the wall that can cause it to fail. Here in Florida, you'll want to talk to your contractor to ensure they can provide you with numerous examples of seawalls they've built that have withstood the hurricanes known to our region.

4. If Damage is Incurred, Will My Seawall Need to be Replaced?
Of course, the answer to this question depends on the type of damage your seawall incurred, but there are plenty of repair options available in today's market. Vinyl, for example, is a versatile material that can be used to reinforce concrete walls.

If you're in the market for a new seawall in Sarasota, you should turn to the area's foremost experts! Contact our Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift team so we can discuss your project today!

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