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Dock Installation Sarasota, Florida

by Duncan Seawall

dockCustomer service and delivering a quality product are among Duncan Seawall's top priorities. Here is another great review from great clients about their recent dock construction:

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Thanks again for your personal attention to every aspect of our recent dock construction. Our site had to be one of the more challenging locations for your team (with 270' of walkway through difficult wetlands terrain), but the final result has all of us beaming with pride. I can think of a myriad of ways to spend the same amount of money, but I cannot think of a single one that would improve our lives, or increase the value of our property, more than this dock. We are extremely pleased with the design, the quality of construction, and the courteous manner of your entire team throughout the construction. Finally, it doesn't matter where we are in today's world, customer service is important in each and everything we purchase with our hard-earned dollars. You made it feel like every cent in this project was important and one is left feeling a) we got a bargain, and b) we have made a long-term investment that will pay us back many times over.
Thank you for the exceptional service, James & Terrie G.

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