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When is an Elevator Boat Lift the Best Option

by Scott Myers


An elevator boat lift can be a valuable addition to your waterfront property. But first you need to decide whether installing a boat lift is actually necessary. Here are some reasons why you might need to buy a boat lift:

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To Take the Place of Outboard Pilings

There are several kinds of restricted waterfronts where the law does not allow outboard pilings to be used. These include such places as narrow canals, or where the pilings cannot be driven into the ground due to hard bottom conditions.

To Protect the Bottom of the Boat

Keeping your boat tied to the dock can result in the paint on the bottom of the boat slowly wearing away and needing to be replaced. Keeping the boat on the lift will prevent the need for painting the bottom of the boat, which reduces the boat's value.

To Save on Storage Space

When the boat is not in use, it can reside safely on the lift, thus saving money on storage, wrapping and winterizing costs, while at the same time having the boat available all year for launching.

To Protect Against Damage

An untended boat falls easy prey to a variety of unpredictable factors that can result in damage. This can include damage from storms, as well as theft or vandalism.

To Save on Overall Costs

People often tend to overestimate the costs of installing a boat lift. Once the lift is set in place, it provides service all year while requiring minimal maintenance. For most lifts, the cost of investment is made up within the first five years!

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